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Chapter 3


It's a Saturday morning, I look to my side to see Cookie still fast asleep. Well, time to make breakfast. I walk through the living area, I see Margaret and Victoria still sleeping on the two couches.

"So... it wasn't a dream."

As walk to the kitchen area and preparing breakfast. I hear groaning in the background, sounds like it would be Cookie.

"Miss Kōdō?.."

And I'm correct. I turn around gazing to Cookie sleepy face.

How adorable

"Morning Cookie. Want to help me make breakfast?"

She just gave a simple shake of her head. She so cute, it has to be criminal. Cookie yarns and then slowly walked over to the kitchen counter. She then plopped her head on my shoulder, and just watched me cook. Then I heard more groaning, but it wasn't Cookie.

"*Groan* Man, I'm exhausted... hmm~"

That is the groan of Margaret. Now the loud one is awake, everything will get lively real quickly.

"*Gasp* Cookie!? I thought I trusted you!"

And here we go again.

"Margaret?! It's not what it looks like! I'm... I was... uh?"

"I was right! You did cheat when played rock, paper, scissors! I knew should've trusted my instincts! I'm such a fool!"

Okay, don't need to go that far. Why is Margaret so... dramatic. Then again, them being here doesn't make sense. So I guess I let it slide.

"*Groan* Can you two... just SHUT UP! It's too early for this!"

Victoria has a point, it is too early for this. But then again, she sleep like constantly so I can't fully agree with her.

"Settle down! Or no breakfast for any of you!"

"Sorry, Miss Kōdō."

All three of them said at the same time. It started with Cookie and the others are calling me Miss Kōdō too. At least they listen to me. But it I only meant them yesterday so it really not my say. Gess~ these three are going to drive me crazy. But it is nice to have people around. Who knows, they might be useful.

After eating, or more like devour. Our breakfast, I reached for my schedule and checked what's happening. I took a breath of relief when I saw that I had no plans today, but buy groceries. I get a new piece of paper and wrote down a list of things to buy.

"What are writing? Miss Kōdō."

"A list."

"For what?!"

"For you guys."

"Don't you mean girls. *Yawns* Why are going to do?"

"I'm going shopping. Want to come?"

"Do I?! Oh~ Hell Yes!"

"I like to come. If you don't mind."

"Sounds like fun, when we going?"

"Soon. While I'm at it, I think I'll get you three to haircuts."


"Awesome!!! Can I have my hair fully orange and the tips yellow like fire?"

"Can I my hair black?"

"Black? Sounds pretty boring."

"Well, Margaret. I wasn't asking for your opinion."

"Oi! Enough you two or you'll get it!"

"Yes, ma'am!"


After that, I got the three ready and then we went off. Wallet? Check. List? Check. Phone? Check. Groceries list? Check. Three unbearable annoyances? Double check. The first place we went was the hairdressers.


"So cool!"


They really get amazed by a lot of things, don't they. We walked in the store and got some snazzy haircuts.

"Woh~ this is so cool."

"Good morning miss, what kind of haircut would you like today."

"Ooo! I would love to have my hair colour changed to fully orange with yellow tips at the ends, please."

"Fine choice miss. Let's begin."

And just like that, they went there way of changing Margaret hair colour. They even gave her some curls, for free. Margaret got to be good friends with the works of the hairdressers. She seems to be the most sociable person. She's confident, she's talkative and she brings a good mood to everyone around her. She remains me of myself when I was kid.

"I'm next. *Yawns*"

"Good morning, long night I see."

"That's one way to put it. *Yawns* I would like my hair black please. *Yawns*"

"Yes ma'am, do you wish to have any different sty---"

"No... I just want my hair to be black. Nothing more, nothing less. Got it?"

"Y-Yes ma'am..."

Through Victoria haircut, the workers seems to be more nervous. Not surprising, cause the way she talks can be seem unsettling. When in reality, this is Victoria trying to put a nor threatening atmosphere. But sadly Victoria can't help but be serious, especially when she telling the truth. Gess~ I hope I'm not like that when I'm serious. Who am I kidding, I'm probably more worse then her.

As I shake off my hunting thoughts, I turn to see Cookie peaking in a magazine of different people with different hair styles. Then I turn to the front desk, I saw Margaret talking to some of the workers. Everything seems peaceful, until I over heard Margaret conversation.

"*Laughter* Hey, Margaret is your name right?"

"Sure is! Why you ask?"

The worker then ripped a piece of paper and wrote something on it. Don't tell me he's written his...


"What's this?"

"My phone number."

I knew it!!! Damn baster is hitting on Margaret, and doesn't even know it. How could she know, she may be sociable but she has no idea when someone in to her. She too dense to realize that.

"I'm sorry."

Wait what...

"But I have refuse your offer."

"Huh? What?! How come?"

"I'm sorry. Even though I would like to know you better, we're still technically strangers. So can't take it until we meet more often. Besides that, I don't have a phone. So you see I couldn't contact with you even if I wanted to."

Oh... my God. I'm so proud right now. Margaret may be dense as hell, but cause of her suspicion of others. She knew what to do and said.

"Aww~ come on. Just take it--"

"*Slammed* She said no. Now leave her be, unless you want a beating."

"Uh... y-yes ma'am."

Did Victoria just made a pun? Oh my gosh, please kill me. Wait... Since when Victoria haircut was over? Hmm~ looks like I wasn't the only one over hearing Margaret's conversation. So Victoria is like the protective type of person. Not just that all, she also like one of those tuft guy who's really a big softie. For a lazy girl she can be sure hell scary.

"I guess it's my turn..."

"Yeah, have you picked anything you like?"

"*Nodded* I have, but it wasn't in the magazines."

When Cookie said that I heard tap on the window. When I turn my head I saw these bunch of pigeons outside. What the hell is this?! Wait a minute...


"And the rest of you?"

"I was on the top of a large building, I was surrounded by birds..."


Oh~ that's right. Cookie said before a bunch of birds were surrounding her. So she was telling the truth. Now I'm actually curious of how she got down from the large building.

"Good morning, how can I help you to day?"

"I want hair like those birds feathers. If it's possible of you."

"Birds? Do you mean the pigeons?"

"*Nodded* Yes, I want that kind of colour please."

"Very well miss, I'll do what I can."

"Thank you."

After all of that, the worker started doing Cookie haircut. They seem to be more at ease now, since they did Victoria. The workers are trying to talk to her, but Cookie is a bit shy. She would speak more to Margaret, Victoria and me. But to strangers, she rather be quiet.

"How is this? Is it to your liking?"

"Wow~ Cookie that looks great on you. A bit dull though, but still looks great!"

"Not bad *Yawns*"

"T-thank you..."

Cookie's hair was sliver like the feathers of the pigeons outside, the ends of her hair to dark gray to black at tips.

"Okay, how much do I have to pay?"

"About ¥41059.53 please."

"Wow really? Fine~ *Sighed*"

"Thank you ma'am, have a nice day."

After we left the hairdressers, we went to a clothes shop.

"Hey Miss Kōdō! Why are we doing here? I thought we were doing groceries?"

"We still are, but before we do that. We need to buy some clothes for you guys. You can't always wear my clothes."

"So we basically going clothes shopping. *Yawns*"

"Miss Kōdō... if I'm correct. Does this mean we choose our own clothing? *Gulped*"

"*Sighed* Yes Cookie, you get choose your own clothing."

When I said that all three of them faces started beaming. They were too excited for this.


We in there for an entire hour~ and don't let me start about the payment. Afterwards we took a break at a fast food restaurant. I bought only a burger and a drink of cola. Why? Like what said in the first chapter; I like things simple. For the other three on the other hand. Margaret ordered a salad, some fries, an icecream and a drink of cola. Cookie ordered a burger, a apple pie, some fries and a drink of cola. Victoria ordered a fish burger, a ice cream and a drink of cola.

This is really killing my wallet. Have to be surprised that they all chose the same drink I did. Maybe is cause they all me, or maybe they just didn't know what other drink are like so they copped me instead.

"Hey, you three want to play a game."

"A game?! What kind of game?"

"Will we need to use physical movements? Cause I readied a book that running while eating is bad for health."

"I think she mean as in verbal game, Cookie. *Yawns*"

"Victoria is actually right. It is a verbal game."

"So what's it's about? Is some kids game? I like those games!"

"Well, it's more like a question type of game."

"Like a quiz? Is like that, Miss Kōdō?"

"Yes, it basically is."

"How do we play?!"

"I say word, and all of you tell me the first thing you think when hear this word. Got it?"

"*Nodded* Understood."

"Got it, cleared as day. *Yawns*"

"I got this in this bag!"

"Okay. The first word is..."

I try to think up of certain topics to say, then I decided to just think something from the top of my head.


Cookie: "Unknown."

Margaret: "Boring~"

Victoria: "Tiring."

Not really surprised by those answers, but Cookie's answer is kinda mysterious.


Margaret: "Acorns!"

Victoria: "Fish~"

Cookie: "Bread."

That was fast, but it's food. But why acorns? Margaret is starting to remind me of a squirrel.


Victoria: "Bedtime books. *Yawns*

Cookie: "Research and facts books."

Margaret: "Comics, Obviously!"

Bedtime books, really? Why am I not surprised. Hmm~ what should I ask them next? Hmm~••• I got one!

"Me? *Pointed At Self*"

Cookie: "Miss Kōdō!"

Victoria: "Miss Kōdō."

Margaret: "Big Sister!!!"

Huh? Say what?! Did she really just call me big sister? That's new?

Cookie/Victoria: "Big Sister?"

"Yeah! We all look like her and she takes care of us. So to me, she's like our big sister."

The other two looked at each other then at me. They were observing me for a bit then they stared at each other again. They then nodded at each other and spoke.

"Now when Margaret mentioned it, Miss Kōdō is like a big sister."

"Yeah, she is. But if you ask me, she act more motherly compare to the rest of us.

"I have to agree. But is it alright to call her 'big sister'?"

"I think it is, after all I did said first."

"Margaret's right. It should be alright to call big sister. After all she is technically our caretaker. Is she not?"


"Then it's settled, we are now calling her big sister for now on!"

"Hooray~ *Yawns*"

What just happened? Did they just decided that they are going to call me big sister? This might been the first time I heard Victoria talk so long without getting tired or yawning. Could she do that at the start? I'll ask her some other time. Gee~ this day is giving me a splitting headache.

When had our power break, well their break at least. We continue to groceries and then went straight back home. What a day~ but before I rest, I deal my sisters first.

"Big Sister!!!"

That's my que, here we go again.





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