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I found my soulmate, so I thought, 

I always believed for a price all things had to be bought, 

Emotions I ceaselessly fought,

The tides changed in a twinkle of an eye. 

Day by day love grew immensely, 

I kept fighting the inner war purposely, 

Innocence I exhibited unintentionally, 

I couldn't fathom love was all a game of minds. 

Sacrifices was an alien word in my dictionary, 

But for him it was a commitment to missionary, 

Days passed it gave way ; immaturity!! 

I made the costliest mistake!!

I felt he was wrong,

I felt I was right,

My conscience pleaded guilty,     

My emotions affirmed innocence.

We are drawing apart,  it seems like an undefined farewell,

My snail's been separated from its shell,

This punishment is hell. 

My soulmate where art thou? 

Or such only existed in my imaginations?

This are true heartfelt pains!!!! 


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