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There were many of us. We all strived for one thing: safety. We ran as fast as we could to find it. The only thing that reminded us of what we were. It could only be compared to a mothers love. We all raced for the finish in this horrible world. We all ran to the end, the safe house, where we could escape our own deaths. It was a long journey and many of us died until finally it was in our sights... the safehouse. However when we got there, the doors were locked. We all surrounded the safehouse as our final hours came closer and closer to the end as we pounded on the walls and screamed to be let in. All of us being picked off one by one. All of us but one: me. I was able to break through the door as the rest of us struggled to get in. Slowly the door shut behind me, and I was alone, but I was warm, and safe. Eventually the pounding on the safehouse stopped and everything fell quiet.

Months must have passed in that safehouse, but there was enough food to feed a family inside, and I was always supplied with more. As the months went on I could hear more and more. Sometimes I could peak out the windows and see a glimpse of the outside world. I was so eager to see it when it was over. And that led me to this moment... patiently waiting until I finally get to see the outside world. I wonder, will it be beautiful?

I heard voices today. The light looks different as well... it looks pale. Somethings wrong I can feel it. I think something's breaching the safe house. Theres something horribly wrong I dont know what to do. The walls, THE WALLS theyre- they're disappearing! Something sharp, a tube is breaking the walls. I need to run! I have to go please!

No! My leg something grabbed my leg help! What did I do I'm sorry please dont do this! What did I do wrong its not my fault! It ripped my leg off! Items grabbing my arm please! I'm begging you please dont rip my arm off please! It hurts so bad I don't understand I didnt do anything wrong! I dont want this! Ow! Please it hurts please! It-it took my arm, I cant... I cant move it hurts so bad... please I didnt do anything dont do this to me... mother... you were supposed to protect me... it-its grabbing my head mother... It hurts... I'm cold and alone... dont do this to me...

The forceps come out pulling the last of the tissue from the woman.

"Alright ma'am," says a doctor holding the last of the baby in his forceps, "the abortion was successful".

"Thank you doctor" the woman said.

After checking out of the office the woman stepped out into the smog filled air of New York city, empty and unaware of the pain she had caused, for it was her choice, and that choice matters more than any pain you could cause someone. That choice matters more than murder...



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    Feb 01, 2019

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