Freedom 1/31/19 Read Count : 8

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My fevant wish is to be free
From some of the pain that’s 
haunted me 
I really know that all can’t go
But the ones that can I want to show 
That I am in control right here 
Even though they bring the fear
So my crusade has now begun 
To  smash the clouds and touch the sun
Reality tells me it’s a heavy task
But me-I want some freedom back
Like Don Quixote and his chase
I m ready for that sweet embrace
I’ll work like hell to get it done
So I can bask in the healing sun😁

              NEVER LOSE HOPE 


  • We are all chasing some type of freedom to be free from whatever it is that's been keeping us imprisoned. Some give up on the pursuit somewhere along the way and the freedom becomes nothing but a far-fetched dream, an illusion. But if we keep going, we will get there eventually. 💜

    Jan 31, 2019

  • Freedom is in the believer in the one who can set us free.

    Jan 31, 2019

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