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Sub Category : Travel

 Once there was a boy named t . h he was 23 years old and his toes were green in 7 months his hole body was green his pants was fading away and purple underwear came on him his hair faded away and he had dark green hair  his body was making a crunchy noise and he turned BIG AS HECK somebody whispered in t . hs ear and said your name is the hulk it's a superhero and its yoooouuuuu and she disappeared  mom screamed ahhhhhhh but the hulk said it's your son my names the hulk and I'm a superhero mom says oh my the hulk smashes the door and says HULK SMASH caption America showed up and said good job and flyer away the hulk saw slade yelling in people's ears and hurting everybody superman shows up batman shows up wonder woman shows up raven shows up beast boy shows up then the hulk they beat up slade pow pow boom but then something happens to the hulk to be continued 


  • Jan 31, 2019

  • Brady Mccann

    Brady Mccann


    Jan 31, 2019

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