Lego City Bulldozer Break _ In Read Count : 10

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Sub Category : Adventure

Once a 6 year old named nick was a criminal he went to jail when he was 8 and he escaped and he was bad for the rest of his life he was 34 and he hopped in a white truck nick saw Donald Trump driving the truck nick said what the he hopped out cause trump drives by the bank and nick hops out theres a lady getting money but nick grabs her neck and throws her out the door nick grabs all the money there is alert and all the cops run in the bank nick grabs big gun shots the cop nick climbs up the shelf shots a woman and a cop the alert gets louder and louder it hurts Nick's ears Nick's friend Mike who's a bad guy to joins nick Mike's ears hurt nick passes out and mike passes out theres 5 cops hiding and see them sleeping one cop hops up the shelf and puts handcuffs on nick and mike the cop pushes them down and a cop grabs em they wake up and say ooooooooo the alert stops one cop throws them in the cop truck the end


  • Jan 31, 2019

  • Brady Mccann

    Brady Mccann


    Jan 31, 2019

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