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When this man hit me; I was in trouble by the law. As I stood there and cried in front of the suspect; I didn't fight, I didn't throw hands my biggest weapons was my tears; my biggest defense was my heart. As the officers wanted to take him away they asked me if I wanted him to pay; I replied with tears in a bloody mouth 'No.' a gentle answer with a broken heart. No anger with me, just hurt by the fist, the suspect cursed me for no reason why, I took it and fought him with gentle sweet words, trying to hurt me inside I stood undefeated, trying to break me down; I was not shaken. "Why was this?" He wondered, "Why didn't he fight back?" Because that's not what my master taught me. My master taught me better. I looked up and told the one who hit me "I love you regardless, no worries what you did." Even though we were enemies I said "I understood." His pain was deep, the past has wounded him, I gave him a shoulder he cried and he cried, until morning came, before he asked; I forgave anyway. In my heart I forgot everything, as he still was hanging on what he just did, I said 'Stop It!' no more regrets, no more remorse. I gave him a hug and though we were enemies we went for tea. Like everything we said, like everything we told each other, the more he healed from the deepest pain, the more he shared I carried the burden upon me, of the pain he felt I knew and I felt, still tears I shed again and some rage was built within but I carried his hurt to my favorite place, where it's secret and where it's safe, I told the King, my enemy was whole and so much complete he felt, he said a visitor came to wish him good night, a visitor came to tell him his deepest fears, the visitor came and touched his chest; and in his heart it was erased the pain he felt, he went to sleep, he woke up complete. Whole he was and whole he remains, complete like me, with power and with love, not shaken, not moved he stands up brave, forevermore he dies, no shame.


  • This is beautiful. I like your writing its very inspirational.

    Jan 31, 2019

  • Romalis Revels

    Romalis Revels

    I'm glad my poems and writes encourages you, I love to uplift and build up everyone's days. ❤️❤️

    Jan 31, 2019

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