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Nothing keeps boasting as you boast out of nonsense, as you boast about your money and fame where do you go? Your own heart has made a fool; now you're a clown afterwards. Your own music doesn't take you but to the debts of the sea. You lie, you steal, you cheat, your own heart has made you profane but Okay, as you say, as you scoff your worsest mistake you face, you may live for long, for many years even, but you will pass away like all of us should, but you won't be glad, you will beg to start over but your time will be nevermore, you can fuss, you can beg, you can plead your way out, but you will never be out, remember the things you've said? Remember the things you've did? Remember the hurts you've caused carelessly? Well don't you deserve their shoes at the end? Now look, you cry, you weep, you break your teeth against stones, you scream without peace or sleep, you're stabbed, your bloody from your eyes to your toes, from the secret things you go naked in that place, as you were naked at birth, as you turn into dust O' what a shame what a shame. You did to others now it's to you. You boast of nonsense, you say you will kill, but you die right there in the words you've cursed your own soul by your lies, and curses you put in your own songs, you sing and you rap the spells he utters to you, through his servants of darkness he tortures you and your mind, he grabs you than he owns you. So you have no power like your master, but your evil dad stole your power when you fed him your strength. Through the affairs you sow, you're in great torment of your soul without notice. As his servants torments your mind, your being is insane he kills you there and takes you home but as you get home; you're where your not supposed to be so your fault, good luck or maybe bad luck, you're home, you're home, how sad, how sad. You went so early, you went too soon. But my Keeper allowed you to go in your mess; He said to your wicked dad "Just, take him I guess." Nothing will change, the deal was made. Too late, too late, you can't come back, too late, too late, how sad, how sad....


  • i luv dis

    Jan 31, 2019

  • Jan 31, 2019

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