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I refuse to hold anything back from the Keeper, 

I refuse to hold any secrets from the Throne Of Grace.

I refuse to let myself be transparent and a phoney before the King,

So I come as me; I come vividly so he can see me.

I come with guilts & I come with shame.

I come completely naked before the Throne Of Grace.

I beg and plead for my case, 'Here I am'

I come with flaws,

Here I stand, I come with taint. So please my Lord, don't throw me off your courts, please my Lord don't throw me far from you.

I come with fear, but I come as true as I can. As plain and simple, Here I come with great sorrow I feel.

Here I come with pain I share,

Please guide me and please take me as I am. 

I'm not worthy, I'm dirty and wretched before you.

Here I come a nasty soul; peace won't allow.

Here I come to your gates I tremble by your honor.

So Here I say I refuse to hold back anything from you my Lord.

I come as myself, just plain O' me I say.

Please don't throw me off your gates, 

Please take me and have your way with me.

But please don't throw me in the brig,

Into the dungeon of screams.

I come wanting you,

Seeking you with all honesty,

No more pretending with you I come as clean as day before your eyes you see me.

I come as raggedy as ever and broken as can be. 

But please my Lord, don't throw me out of your room,

Please my Lord I refuse to let you go.

Please my Lord, I stand here true.

Don't make me your enemy I plead guilty. I'm here as myself, no more games to make you pleased, 

But to truly have your attention to truly have your face, I come as vividly as I can, as clear you see me.

I refuse to hide from you.

I refuse to run,

I refuse to skipper away where you will still catch me.

Yet, I say I refuse to be away from you.


  • Jan 31, 2019

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