"Moment In Time' (Traffic Roads) Read Count : 13

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Traffics of my heart is beating, towards the lights I cry within, missing you I feel, the roads where I need to be. Loving you I feel pain; I love you so let me be the traffic sign, I miss you so let me be the traffic lights, though you may be far, I sense you miles away, let me be the street lights to finish up your days quicker; so you can be home with me. Please don't go; just call in sick, pretending. Just say you need some time off; so I can spend time with you all alone. sometimes I feel alone just while you're away; I cry but I'm okay. I'm the weak laborer as I work the littlest, but still and truly I miss the traffic signs and the traffic lights, I miss the cars that passes by and the roads that are loud, well, maybe I should be there, just to find your heart again; but even better. I can keep your heart and cherish it as my own, I can put it on my shelf, decorate and dust it, keep it safe like gold because I love you. Traffic lights call my name, so I can see the one I love? Taxi pick me up & drop me off on the streets so I can search for the heart. Better than treasure your heart is to me. I miss you and I hope you miss me too. I love you no matter what may come. You don't have to go, let's live this moment in time. Call your boss and let him know but if you have no choice but to go; before you leave close the door for one minute, so I can feel your heart and hold you close until you go. I will be right here waiting for you to come home so I'm alright alone; don't cry for me, because I miss you too, don't weep because I feel and I know when you're sad, my heart is crying when you cry, so don't be sad; I'm alright, God is here, I'm not alone, so go to the roads, and be strong, as I spend time with him in the fields I go, while you labor.


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