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      Finally figured it out. Whenever I tell people I like to write, they usually reply with me like they were expecting video games to be my first answer, not that I don't like them but I can't afford good ones. Anywho so I was talking to a friend, who really likes role play. And when I say role play I mean voice acting, costumes, backstory, the whole deal. They show me a character idea and suggest i make one and a costume for them. I had came up with a rough draft that she drew for me. So in return I offer to write a backstory and description for her character. She initially says no until I force her hand and I've finished at ten pm. It's the first time I've written with an expectation on me so I'm a little nervous. 

      Put it in my character book. She's Donah. I feel i did really good and I hope you go over and read it. 


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    Jan 31, 2019

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