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Rebellion I smelled as a foul odor to my nostrils,so sour, so akward, almost like vinegar but so filthy rebellion has crossed the lawns. Nasty and distasting to my scent, rebellion is as a sour stink to me, I desire it not in my courts. Rebellion is as abominable to my conscience to the one who speaks within my heart, the odor is foul to my remeberance that it almost burns my cells out of my dome; rebellion is as wicked than I say. 'How can this be here in my lawn?' how pitiful is it to know about you? Rebellion is as stinchful that it covers it's own sourness with a cloaked hood as though a grim reaper is nearby, passing by with a gross stinch, keep back and let me be, don't touch neither the saints of love. Keep back with your nastiness I dare you NOT to enter my room of lights, because you are not tolerated any longer, with your abominable smell. Be gone with you! As you cross my lawn you shall surely die in your darkness, if you enter in my courts; the King of lights will blast you with his radience, your master has been overthrown beneath to scourging thorns so prepare to head that way as you try to come into the room of light where I rest; though it is night, I won't see, but I will know by the one who speaks within my heart and who breaths within my veins, he will alarm my inner most being that you trespassing but I dare you rebellion! To cross, so you shall surely get cast out from me, this sun will kill you like your leaders. Don't stand in front of me, no evilness is not supposed to be in front the King of lights; but I am just a prince. But try my patience and try my weakness because my weakness will trample you down to dust so don't move, to come closer to me or less, you die in your odor, keep back! Or else...


  • Jan 31, 2019

  • Jan 31, 2019

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