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Times sometimes I speak nonsense, but maybe just a riddle or maybe misunderstood. Times where guilt grips me tight afterwards when the enemy tries to fight me, but the keeper of my soul won't allow it to be so.

The keeper of my soul breaths into my heart giving me power to defeat my worsest enemies; when darts shoots into my mind of the past I just say, 'It is finished.' because it's already passed from me, so why attack me with the same darts? Well, maybe to destroy me but unable to while I have these words and my soul, and the keeper's secrets. He can't get through these doors of joy and love, his hatred won't prevail against my heart, filled with compassion the enemy trembles in great fear, filled with love; he can't stand me, because I am his worsest foe. As the keeper breaths within, how can this imposter stand in front of me?

Did I say, he is not to stand in front of the King nevermore? Well he tries to cross the line and still try to call out to me putting fear in my heart, but without fear I will remain, with power I stand, with love I grow, with a sound mind; I'm never defeated by this little fear he tries to bow me down to; I will not! Even though I get scared I refuse to let sorrow and heaviness creep back in. Every imagination is put to death under the obedience of The Keeper.

Let the Keeper of my soul deal with this wicked imposter as I lay down in rest.


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    Jan 30, 2019

  • Jan 30, 2019

  • Feb 03, 2019

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