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Hey you!
Do you trust me ? Like really trust me?
I mean your reading my stories, stories that are personal to me, stories that send a message, stories that can give you advice, stories that make you feel and stories that you comment on and rate and enjoy. When you put it in that perspective you do kind of trust me.. well maybe not me as a person but you trust my writing. When you read that story about heartbreak that you rated 5 stars, you really believed that I had gone through that but did I go through that is the question. It’s easy to trust and believe in something when it’s in front of your own eyes and your personally engaging and reading and involving yourself in it. However,if a stranger started telling you a story about how they won the lottery or stole some cheap booze from the off license you would spectate it. My advice don’t jump to conclusions don’t tell that guy or girl that stole the Spirnoff Ice that they are chatting shit straight away and don’t stop reading people’s stories because you think it’s just fiction. Instead read,intrigue and question. If you think something isn’t right with someone’s allegations or message behind the writing listen or read what ever it is feel interested by it and then ask questions to solve your own contemplating. Trust those who would jump in front of a bullet for you instead of the snakes that would pull the trigger, devils can simply hide behind an angels demeanour by simply buying a costume. Seek out your soul companions and murk and ridden your coward enemies. Do you trust me?


  • Interesting. Sometimes it is a bit hard to trust simply because each and everyone of us have been deceived or betrayed by someone at some point but it does take courage to start trusting again. Great job.

    Jan 30, 2019

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