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A dark night thee was this girl named Mary she was nice but she was evil when no one is watching her. She lies to ride her bike every day at the forest. She didn't think that there would be people in the forest dead as she heard in the story her friends told her. Her friends wanted her to stop going by the forest becuz there would be bad things happening. One day Mary went to the forest to check her dark secret... She had a book and she read it to this tree and the tree would do the same. But this time the tree was cut down and Mary was very sad so one day she went and killed those who cut the tree down!  Mary was happy but she didn't get the tree as she was sad walking home she had no one to tell this that she was  a physical killer but she always end up killing her friends for days. She was never or be messed wirh she even end up killing her mom and dad. No one knows about this but the people who she killed was watching her forever and ever more people she killed watched her and one day they might get her! 


  • Rosewins Wins

    Rosewins Wins

    and was it scary?

    Jan 30, 2019

  • Kittyswitch Grace

    Kittyswitch Grace

    i love the cover and i think that it is not spooky ok. but I see where you're going. 3/2 stars

    Jan 31, 2019

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