Pikachu Escaping Something Read Count : 4

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure

Pikachu was playing tag with ash ash was it and pikachu is running but someone grabs ash and  a trap goes on pikachu  theres a door but theres a lock theres a chest on top of a shelf pikachu jumps on the shelf the shelf falls down pikachu falls down pikachu grabs the chest and electros the chest and it opens theres a note that says count the how many edges are in this abandoned small house how much edges there is you have to right the number on the key with the marker in the box then your free but ................ pikachu is afraid of those dots he thinks that means something bad happens but he counts em 1 2 3 4 he writes 4 and puts it in the door then to be continued 


  • Des G

    Des G

    you could di better

    Jan 30, 2019

  • Brady Mccann

    Brady Mccann

    k try next time im just a kid do you know that

    Feb 08, 2019

  • Tania A

    Tania A

    I know my typing is not always great. But i had to re read it a few times to understand. Try using punctuation at the very least. We need to know when to pause.

    Jan 31, 2019

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