Last Words Part 2 Read Count : 6

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama

Then in Jack's room theres a squeaky noise in his door it's the SKELETON he grabbed a SHANK and came near jack he put the shank up and put it down near the middle and he stopped cause he heard the mom and dad the skeleton looked out his bedroom window the dad was putting the key in the door he heard the door open the skeleton slided right under the bed mom checked on jack he was sleeping mom went in bed dad joined in but then Jack's girlfriend cindy hops in Jack's bed and kisses jack and goes to bed the skeleton screams yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and the mom and dad run in jacks room cindy jumps jack screams mom and dad grab a platter and climb up it the skeleton throws the shank up to the latter and it goes to there but holes they die jack screams no the skeleton grabs the shank but then jack grabs it and they fight jack grabs it jack throws it the skeleton jumps and then grabs the shank throws it at jack jack jumps the shank goes to cindy cindy screams AHHHHHHH and dies jack says booboo noooooo wake up he crys the skeleton sneaky grabs the shank and stabs jack to be continued 


  • really nice. continue pls

    Jan 30, 2019

  • Brady Mccann

    Brady Mccann

    im making right now

    Jan 30, 2019

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