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The room was eerily quiet except me trying to convince the goddess of death to release me. 

"Please release me Agna" I asked. 

At this point she was just ignoring me. Her skin was cool to the touch. In her current form she was a good foot taller than me. Her smell was familiar like I've smelled it somewhere before.

"You smell really nice. But I can not place the smell" I said.

"It's death lilies" said Agna in a monotoned voice.

Now I remember it was one of the offerings I left at one of her alters. I lost my faith a long time ago after I watched the people I loved die. I went to many alters looking for answers to why the gods let it happen. But it always fell on deaf ears. Agna showed up only after I destroyed one of her alters. I had a death wish but she wouldn't kill me. 

"Agna why didn't you kill me when I destroyed one of your alters" I asked the goddess.

She remained quiet but her grip tightened. I've asked her that question many times but she has never answered it. I stopped pestering her about it awhile ago but it was still something I was curious about. Eva approached us but didn't even dare to lookup at Agna.

"Do you love my master" she asked

The question was simple yet deep at the same time. Agna looked down at the little elf with a slight smile.

"Love is too strong of a word. It's more he is important" said Agna.

She let me go finally and patted Eva's head. Eva flinched since she isn't used to people being nice to her. The only person she doesn't flinch at it me since I've always been nice to her. Agna retracted her hand.

"What do you mean by important" questioned Eva.

"That is not my place to say. It's his choice to tell you" said Agna.

Agna looked over at Andrea examining her. She gets the feeling Andrea knows the truth. She moved over to her towering above her. Andrea couldn't bring herself to looked up at Agna. He kept her eyes glued to the floor.

"I can feel the energy coming off of you which tells me you can feel what he is. It would be in her best interests to keep it to yourself until he tells them. Said Agna.

Andrea didn't even look up but she fidgetted under Agna's gaze. She gave a quick nod. Agna walked back over to me and smiled. But I could see the sadness in her smile as she disappeared. The quiet in the room disappeared as soon as she vanished. Demora came at me with both anger and sadness in her eyes. Eva tried to stop her but was easily pushed out of the way.

"How do you know a goddess to the point she will appear in front of you" yelled Demora.

"I have made some good choices and some bad ones. Agna was the result of a bad one which should of killed me." I said.

She gave me a look that she didn't believe me. I didn't care if she believed me or not. I unsheathed the dagger and threw it sticking it into the floor. I tossed the sheath onto my stuff and walked to the bathroom. I needed a shower to help me think. Once I was in there I turned on just the hot water. I gave it a few minutes to warm up before I got in. I didn't like scalding hot showers but I took one anyway. I was under that scalding water to the point my skin was bright red. I got out drying myself off and wrapping a towel around me. I didn't think about bringing clothes with me in here. I opened the door. 

"Why won't you tell me what he is? Andrea." Said Demora

"Cause I was told not to by a goddess. I very much like being alive." Replied Andrea

The moment I walked out I felt the gaze of the three girls on me. My eyes fell upon Demora. 

"Drop it. We all have secrets we keep." I said.

I walk over to my stuff grabbing my clothes. I look up at Demora. The look of anger in her eyes was ever present. I stood back up and walked over to her. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt she was wearing and before she could resist I removed it. I have enough decency not to look at her topless. I turned walking back to the bathroom. It took me a few minutes to get dressed. I knew I was going to have to deal with Demora when I came out. The moment I opened the door there was her blade. I didn't even move as it stopped at my throat. She stood there topless covering herself with her left arm.

"Why shouldn't I hurt you" screamed Demora.

"Andrea from what you know. Do you think Demora stands a chance at harming me" I asked

"No" said Andrea.

I just stared into Demora's eyes. My stare was cold. She dropped her sword to her side. I reached out and put my hand on her head.

"I'm sorry for my actions but with my powers unsealed. I can't sit idly and wait for them to find me." I said to her

She turned around without saying anything and walked over to her stuff. She started to rummage through her stuff. I looked over at Eva.

"You need to be dressed by the time I get back" I said.

"Where are you going master?" Eva questioned.

"I'm going to go visited innkeeper and have a chat" I replied.

"Are you going to kill him?" She asked.

"That all depends on him. Andrea come with me." I said as I walked out the room.

I thought about what I would say to the innkeeper when I got to him. Andrea just quietly followed me down the hall. When we made it to the mess hall it was almost empty. It was still early in the morning. The innkeeper looked up and saw me. He had some panic in his eyes but he tried to hide it. Then he saw Andrea following me.

"Slave what are you doing with this man" he yelled.

I held my hand up to keep from her talking. I stared the man down.

"Your dryad her wasn't even close to being strong enough to stop me. But she is forgiven for her actions since she warned me of your plans" I said to him.

"What plans are you talking about" asked the innkeeper.

"Don't play coy with me. You were planning on killing me and my companions since I made you sell me your elf" I yelled at the man.

"You have no proof of that" smirked the innkeeper.

This conversation is going nowhere. I walk up to the counter with Andrea behind me. She hid behind me in fear of the man. I can only imagine the torture she was put through by humans. I slam me hand onto the counter and the wood cracks. If talking isn't going to work then I'll use intimidation. The innkeeper's eyes widened.

"I'll be taking Andrea with me too" I stared the man down.

"You will not. I will burn her tree to the ground before I would give her to you" replied the innkeeper with some confidence.

My anger rose at his comment. Dryads live off of nature and will live as long as their tree is nurtured. But the tree has to be planted. I grabbed the innkeeper by the shirt and pulled him across the counter.

"You have no idea who you are messing with human" I growled

The innkeeper struggled in my grip. I threw him into the wall behind the counter. Bottles and wooden shelves shattering from the force. Just then 3 men walked in with weapons drawn. This has become a headache.

"What have you done to the innkeeper" said the first man.

"I had to repay him for the men visiting my room last night. And tell him I'm taking this lovely dryad with me" I said

"Like hell you are" said the man swinging his sword at me.

I moved into him catching his arm and snapping it. The second and third man kept their distance. The second moved first in a stabbing motion but before I could grab his arm it shifted. His Target was never me it was Andrea. I moved and the blade went into my arm. I winced a bit but reached up snapping the blade with my bare hands. Andrea moved closer to me looking at my arm.

"Don't worry about me Andrea. I'll live" I said.

"But if it is not treating it will get infected" said replied.

I pulled the broken blade out of my arm. Blood poured to the floor. Dryads can only heal nature. I closed my eyes. I took in a deep breath then let out a deafening roar shaking the building. All the guys in front of me fell to the floor. The roar took alot out of me making me drop to a knee. Andrea got down beside me giving me support.

"So the myths are true. Your people can incapacitate foes with their voice" Andrea said. 

"No we can kill with our voice" I replied 

Andrea looked over at the bodies and saw the blood coming out of their eyes and ears. She always thought the power of wardens were just myths. But now she knows she truth. Demora and Eva came running in.

"Did you guys feel that tremor. The whole building shook" said Demora.

"Ya" I replied.

Eva looked around and saw the 4 dead men with all the blood. "What happened to them" 

"They were dead when we got here" Andrea said.

I struggled to my feet with the help of Andrea. She ripped off a part of one of the dead guys shirt and treated my wound. She is able to produce a ointment from her saliva.

"How did master get hurt" asked Eva 

"He fought what killed these men. But it got away" said Andrea as she finished tightening the shirt around my arm


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