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It came like a rush of spring 
The green grass smelled sweet 
The sun warmed our hearts
The air crisp and clean 

Then in time spring began to turn 
The grass began to fade 
The sun began to burn 
The air began to stench 

There were those out there 
Who were alarmed and asked “why?”
They looked for around and saw 
Exhaust from the cars
Smoke from the stacks 
Sewerage pouring into the seas

They sent out their warning
“Look- breath-taste 
Many listened but many more laughed
They  were living the good life

The politicians were counting their votes
And the factory owners-their profits
With time eyes began to burn
Throats began to cough 

The subtle changes were becoming 
news stories 
People were beginning to see and live
those changes 

But the powers that be still saw
Money -power -profit
Then a strange thing happened 
People alarmed by new reality 
Banded together - all over the world 

Money-power- profit began to fade 
Many doughters became supporters 
But people were wearing face masks
Doctors had new challenges 

Finally like a tidal wave the evidence 
was clear 
But was it too late? For some YES
As weather brought new destruction 

We are now confronting this monster 
Environment the going catch phrase and awareness Is universal 

The question that remains -as this new 
battle ensues for us-our children and their children 
                     IS IT LATE 


  • Jan 30, 2019

  • Jan 30, 2019

  • Jan 31, 2019

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