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Once there was a adult boy named jack he was riding his blue bike and there was a human scary skeleton watching jack ride his bike the skeleton said hehehe jack heard something he turned around and there was nothing there the skeleton had to crawl so then jack stopped at his friends house they played Mario cart 8 dulexe on the switch jack won cause he was born when the Nintendo came out so hes good at it his friend Frank wasn't cause he was 16 he was born in the 200s he heard of it in 2011 or 2009 the skeleton was peaking in the window jack was going out the door to vape the smoke came near the skeleton and the skeleton is allergic to smoke her screamed jack looked around jack says what is going on he runs to his bike and hops on and rides it the skeleton follows him jack goes back in his house and its 2 o clock its day light saving time so it turned to 2 o clock so he went to bed to be continued 


  • Jan 30, 2019

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