Alfa: Beasts Within Read Count : 20

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Sub Category : Fantasy

In a flash of light a whole world is changed. A world of survival, full of dangers and mystical abilities.

It all started the day after the year began. These creatures appeared saying we needed to change our ways. Scaly Winged, snake like creatures flying over the world.they were on are TVs, are radios, everywhere they could possibly be. We have to change our ways all the world Would end. In a flash of light we were thrusted into an alternate reality. It was like the world had already ended and everyone had to start a new. No buildings, just forests, Woods and Mountains. Groups of people scattered throughout this vast unfamiliar land. Many died for many reasons. It's something became clear, some found it horrible and others found it wonderful. People have the ability to change from human to animal at the click of the finger. Others could only do so when emotions run high and had no choosing as to what they could turn into. These people were known as danger changes. These people were killed as soon as they were discovered so most had to hide themselves. As some hide and some Lead, tribes grow. Overtime natural selection became king. Those that could not survive in this Wilderness perished. One particular woman, normally quiet became the centre of attention. Slowly she grew as an individual, going from a quiet young lady too strong confident woman.  more and more people knew that she was a great leader and worked alongside her. After 10 years she was known as Alpha the leader of 1000 people. But not only a leader of 1000 people but I leader of wolves. She had started breeding wolvess in order to protect her people. She controlled more Wolves than she could count. But she also became an excellent fighter as well as the ability to change into animals at will. These people were known as beasts Walkers. She had the ability to be any Beast she desired therefore she could protect her people even better. Soon she turned humble little mountainside into a huge City. Heavily fortified with farms andn a running stream. She soon became a great leader known as Alpha and so had many devoted followers. She always stayed humble, and it was never heard decision to have bodyguards. The people know that if they were to survive she had to stay there leader. But the biggest success that she had was managing crime. At first many where against the idea, but soon they realised it was the only option to keep everyone safe. There is no time to deal with people who can't keep their hands to themselves or help those around them. Anyone who disobey the laws were fed to the Wolves, alive. It may sound harsh but there were no guns in this new world and the Wolves needed feeding. Alpha help the people she now lead as much as she could. She went hunting, she aided farming, she built homes, and lead these people to glory. Other tribes soon form the same way she did and thus Battles had begun. Other tribes started fighting with each other to gain Territory, resources and hunting rights. Thankfully Alfas's tribe had an advantage. She had the ability to make weapons. They weren't guns or Canon but simple swords and Spears. Other tribes had metal swords and stones spears but not at the quality of hers. For she has Blacksmiths in her tribe, as well as other useful people. Alpha soon found herself in more and more danger of getting assassinated. She soon decided she really did need a dedicated Bodyguard. She had about 20 body gards rotating around the clock, but soon found herself very close to one. She soon became good friends with a Scottish man called Scott. The two would have a cheeky flirt every now and then but they didn't think anything of it. The to just assumed they were mucking around together. But one day this simple life that was laid out changed onces more.

A huge tried known as the Ottoman threatened the survival of Alfas's people. There have been mild battles before but this one was going to be big. But instead of bloodshed an offer was suggested to Alpha. The two tribes meet with there, Army's half way from each other. Alpha and the Ottoman leader would fight for each other's kingdoms. Alpha was not allowed to change into a beast, it was to be a sword fight. Alpha was worried as this could easily be a set up and she could easily be slain. Scott could see that Alpha was getting concerned as the day Drew closer. He was not sure as to how to comfort her so suggested a walk in the woods. So they didn't draw attention the two of them went alone. While they walked Alpha told Scott of what she was like before the world changed. How she was shy and like to keep to herself. Scott chuckled as he did not believe this at all. Just as the two we're laughing along together and arrow flew out of the woods. Not knowing where it came from the two bolted to a cliff face and hid in a cave. Scott Drew his sword as men approached. Before Alpha could change into a beast,bows where amied at there heads. But these were not the Ottoman people, these were people Alpha trusted. A group of people who Romed from tribe to tribe trading resources. A large Bounty was placed on Alfas head and they wanted it. then I shiny colar no one has seen before was placed on Alphas neck. The Traders said that this colour could stop anyone from changing into a beast. Scott was tied up as alfa was thrown into the back of a wagon. All of a sudden Alpha heard people screaming danger changer. Scott of change into a ferocious bear, he began tearing apart the men. Alpha watch As Scott finish them off one by one. They're bows and Spears when I match for a bear. Alpha managed to cut her ropes on a sword left in the wagon. She stood at this bear who was clearly distressed and Confused. He had no idea what was going on and was scared. Before he to do anything she jumped onto his neck giving him a huge hug. The two stood there silent for a moment listening to each other's breathing. As Scotts nerves calmed he changed back into a man. Before he could say anything alfa whispered gently in his ear. She did not care what he was, she just wanted to hold him tight.

To be continued


  • Wow. This was awesome. Can't wait to read more. Great job.

    Jan 30, 2019

  • great!

    Mar 05, 2019

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