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My name is Dominyque and this is my crazy life story it all starts when I'm in a state called Nevada and well I'm in a two bedroom duplex with my mom and dad and 2 siblings and a couple dogs. At this time I am about 6 years old and going to 1st grade at a school called Lincoln Park and my teacher her name is Mrs sartoni she is really nice. Every day after school I would go to the park right next to the school with my mom and then we would walk home because our house was two blocks away. When I got home the house was clean from my mom because my dad was a low life alcoholic. To help my mom with the other 2 kids I think was my aunt Charlotte she was always in and out of jail. Then on my 7th birthday we went to the river and played in the water one of my best friends showed up and his sister and he gave me a really cute skull shirt but about a month later my cousin stole it from me.

 When I found out I was moving to Oklahoma and my dad's brother Daniel came with us oh and his "girlfriend" we drove about 2 days just so we could sleep at night and in Kingman Arizona we lost the door to our RV and before all this my mom had a baby my little brother at that Time we lived in a RV in Reno Nevada. The reason we left for Oklahoma was because they had a lot more jobs and the rent was cheap. So we moved to a four bedroom house with eight people and 6 dogs. My uncle and his girlfriend and their daughter moved out to their own house so I got their bedroom and my 2 little sisters got to share one cuz my brother got one to himself to and man did they hate that. So we moved one of my sisters in to my brother's room and the two oldest got their own room. Our garage was turned to a big big bedroom that my mom and dad got and as for the dogs they just chose who to sleep with.  We lived there for about 2 or 3 years then we missed our family in Reno and moved back to Reno and stayed with my aunt and uncle for about a month. We decided to move in to the other side of the duplex we used to live in and my dad being the lowlife jurk he is he made me and sometimes my siblings clean everything he sat there in the living room for years just saying the same thing over and over and over and over again "go get me a beer". My mom was at work and we never really saw her. Then on the 4th of July my mom and dad met this guy from the apartment behind our house and they decided to have some fun with an adult and never got off of it. Until my mom said I need to be there for my kids and the she left my dad. They got divorced on March 12th 2017 and we moved to my aunt's house again and that is where my mom met a guy named Caleb and they just instantly liked each other so they stayed together and  mom had gotten pregnant and then Caleb's mom Mila bought us a trailer in bullhead City Arizona. I gotta say it sucks ass I call it bullshit city. We decided it was to hot because it was 121 degrees in the.summer we even got a pool and it was still really really hot

 Before we left to San Jose we had a little baby named Pandora  then we left in about March and left because it was to much chaos there. So we went back to bullhead and then my little sister was getting bullied really bad so we went to Reno in August and we could not find a place to stay so he had to go back to bullhead. again in the end of September then Caleb just thought it would be safer if we went to San Jose again so we lived there with my aunt for about a month and Caleb in that time had to have emergency surgery.  His mom came and picked me and him and my mom up while my aunt took care of my siblings. Mila brought us to Reno so Caleb could heal and then brought us back to San Jose so we could get our car and the rest of the kids. Although anna my youngest sister wanted to stay with my aunt but my grandma talked Anna into staying with her so she could get money from anna. So now Anna is in Reno with my grandma until June when school gets out. So the rest of us drove 8 hours back to bullhead. Now here we are it's been a month or so and it's not to bad I just wish that we could be back in Oklahoma again I loved it there.  Here in bullhead we have Caleb's aunt and uncle named Bruce and Edna they are really nice. I guess my life ain't that crazy but it's crazy to me and even though I hate my lowlife dirtbag father I still wish he would grow up.


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