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Writing about LUCIFIER love is go cool and great, even the imaginations work exceptionally well but while writing about punishment it is tough because there are lots of ways of punishments chart SATAN has, It is impossible to write about utmost everything because I am not a criminal and to know about punishments you should have performed crimes, which I guess is tough for me to say. 

1. All of us if we love someone we would either end up in marrying or break up but LUCIFIER doesn't believe in this 2 things because he recognises a woman by her body beauty, he hasn't got anything to do with the internal beauty. He doesn't care whether she is good or bad, all that he sees is whether she would make him happy or not and would leave her unless she loses her beauty due to old age. 

2. LUCIFIER isn't interested in elder olden womens nor girls below 20 in some cases it is 25 and so on. He has a calculation based on body structure of women's and on that basis he decides whether or not to seduce her. He usually prefers married beautiful ladies more than unmarried ladies because he is a spirit. 

3. But it doesn't mean just because a girl is beautiful but hasn't married won't attract his attention, if she is according to his calculation, he will somehow make her fall in love with some guy. Like this if he wants to quench his thirst he might go to any extent, just because he doesn't touch ugly girls doesn't mean they are wastes still he lives it on ALMIGHTY GOD to decide their life partner. 

4. Now comes the darker side of LUCIFIER, he is a roamer and keeps on roaming in all parts of the world and in the form of spirit. If while he sees any women being molested without her permission by one or many and if it comes to his notice. It doesn't matter whether that rapist is a single or many person and whether the woman is beautiful or ugly, all it matters is HOW CAN THEY COMMIT A CRIME WHEN I(LUCIFIER) EXIST? AND THAT TOO IN FRONT OF ME(SATAN)? 

5. The punishment is either one hand one leg or else 2 hands 2 legs or else in majority of the cases it is complete paralysis of the body for that sinner, during this phase that sinner shouldn't be helped by anyone and if found, the punishment would multiply into the number of people who show pity on that sinner and would try to either help him out like offering drinking water or food or so on. 

This is just one of many horrible punishment SATAN has in his mind and while fulfilling this punishment he is like a rock that won't melt for anyone. Now you would have understood that crucifixion of christ is also HIS activity but why HE offered such a severe punishment to christ is hidden in Christ's previous birth, that punishment started from jesus previous birth and is still alive in front of our eyes. 

So severe is LUCIFIER when it comes to punishments and the punishment are also so horrible that even ALMIGHTY GOD also could help you only in the end. So it is not truth that a sinner even after performing numerous crimes can wash it easily by seeking pardon in church or other religious places and can escape. We should be careful not to repeat crimes again and again, if you have done it unintentionally no problem you needn't seek any apology but even after knowing it is a crime and that too which could make a serious offence, if you commit it many times then definitely it is horrible for him or her. 

LUCIFIER is not only the highest authority after ALMIGHTY GOD but also decider of sin because he is the only one in the world who has the ability to take and control any types of sin. The best example of him forsaking sin for a while is this earth. Look at this planet and the power of LUCIFIER's forsaken sin, how after getting forsaken by him sin has turned into a more dangerous one and is increasing its power day by day. 

To be continued........... 


  • Even as a criminal I still can't write about everything

    Jan 03, 2019

  • How can he be so powerful?

    Jan 03, 2019

  • You have an interesting concept, but Lucifer wields the natural evil. He isn't actually responsible for it.

    Jan 03, 2019

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