A Suiside Story Read Count : 10

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Sub Category : Horror

Drip,drop,drip,drop,drip that is the sound of the blood falling to the ground it goes from the arms to the floor she was only 16 when she tried to comit suiside she was so mad when it didn't end her suffering she jest decided to try another attempt but they all didn't end her suffering she decided to slit her rist that did the trick her mom walks in and falls down to the floor she yells for her dad to call the police and he never liked his daughter and jest stood there smileing at his daughter while the mother cries then a few minutes later he calls the police come and go through everything and start questioning the family and going through her phone to find the suiside song (my favorite song) Gloomy Sunday they told the mother and father that she probably died due to this song but she listened to that song every day for 10 months so her mother jest said it wasn't it couldn't be that song she listened to that song on a daily basis the other police officer said that what made her kill herself then she was silent a few days pass and there at the funeral they say there goodbyes her daughter dad smiling at his dead daughter his wife slaps him for smileing the her baby is dead and then realized it was his fault she died the cops took him away and showed her mother the note it said everything she needed to know she let go and her daughter was free from that basterd and this miserable life.

             The End 


  • Jan 03, 2019

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