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I hate him sometimes. 

Not hate like that but another different thing of hate between brother and sister relationship. 

He was annoying all the time. 

He was mocking at me. 

He was a monkey and I was as calm as snake. 

He was like fooling around then threw all those sh*t into my face. Run to my mom to get help so at the end I was always gotten the punishment. 

He was a crybaby. 

He was my mother's gold. 

We fought, we argued then we stopped talking. 

Time passed by and then finally you realized that we deserved a second chance. 


Because he was the only one I have had in this world. 

And then suddenly all those hatred just gone. 

I feel blessed with love, showered with love. 

No more jealously, no more bitterness between us which it built a wall in our relationship in years. 

And then we talk, we laugh, we smile. 

We're making memories again. 

A brand new one to replace the old one. 

I love him with all my heart. 

Thank you for all those stupid childhood memories we had. 

We grew up to be the best version of ourselves not following the past of our broken home background family. 

We're happy. 

We're making memory. 

Dedicate this to my lovely, my smallest brother K. 

-Your sis



  • Jan 03, 2019

  • Prianca Sharma

    Prianca Sharma


    Jan 03, 2019

  • Lovely

    Jan 03, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    So poiniant and beautifully written

    Jan 09, 2019

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