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Chapter 1 Sad to Lose

Ashley: I'm sad that I lost to the slut bucket. Being single for a year felt great to me no nigga no drama. Having baby daddy watching the kids at his house was good now I can have a night out with my girls. Alex Jr 2 year old and Alvin Zquavion is 1 now. It time for me to get the cob webs out my pussy. I met a guy at work. He do Yard service making 1,500.00 a day cash plus a side jobs. He lives on the North side. This weekend Alex coming over with his little family for a BBQ

Alex: Who that upperclass nigga?

Ashley: My new boyfriend, why you asking? You jealous?

Alex: naw, never that. I can get mines when I wanted too. Come help me with food.

Ashley: okay

 Chapter 2 Bitch took man behind my back.

 Angelic: Glad, they went inside time to make my move on his fine ass.

Looking sneaky, pulling him close kissing him.

Adam: what are you doing? What if we get caught? 

Angelic: trust we never get caught.

Ring, Ring 

Ashley: Hello, who this?

Samantha: girl, guess who we seen?

Ashley: who? It better be good.

Dabbie: we seen your man, with Alex hoe at the foxy club last night. We outside open up now 

 Hanging up phone and walking to door

Ashley: y'all hoe's full of shit. Why she always take my niggas? 

Debbie: cause she a lose ass hoe.

Samantha: For real, Debbie move.

Debbie: what?, I just feel so bad for Little-bit. So sad.

Somantha: Anyways we come to get you to ride and spy with us.

Ashley: naw, in good y'all go ahead.

Debbie: Bitch brang your ass so we can go eat.

Samantha: yes please, you know it's better catching in the act. Face to face so no one an lie to you.

Ashley: ok, let's ride.

Debbie: yeah, let's go before Mike and Bryan missy ass get there 

Arriving at club midnight blue. Bouncer ask how many? Was cut off by a male voice saying 6 please.

Ashley: Mike, what are you doing here at the club?

Mike: Oh, to catch a fox eating some sheep.

Debbie: like a stanky pussy hoe trying to give a dirty dick nigga a STD.

Alex: watch your mouth Deb about my wife. Let's go inside please.

 The guys order our drinks and food. Loling and talking. Hearing oh shit that bitch over there. Turning heads at once.

Walking up slapping his bold head.

Ashley: Are you kidding me Adam?

Debbie: hell, yeah he been dating her stinky pussy.

Alex: How long y'all been dating? And why you do this to me?

Mike: for two years and cause she never  love you.

Bryan: Mike do us a favor.

Mike: what is that?

Bryan: shut up.

Samantha: Debbie?


Samantha: Please do just exactly what Bryan said?

Debbie: And what that Samantha?

Samantha: Shut up.

Ashley: I'm not wasting my time behind no ugly bitch or hoe.

Alex: we talk later.

Mike: y'all lucky, I have on strike, cause I would shot y'all ass up.

Debbie: Bitch, watch your back. I know some hoe's who will be looking at you.

Alex: Mike?

Mike: yes?

Alex: Dropped me off at baby momma.

Mike: Why I would do that? 

Alex: Cause that where I need to spend a night.

Mike: Are you sure? You can sleep at my house?

Alex: Nigga yes I'm sure. And you stay with your mom.

Mike: Hey, no smart mouthing  me. Get out.


Ashley: who is it?

Alex: it's me.

Ashley: Me who?

Alex: Me, Alex can I see on your couch?

Ashley: Naw, you need to go home to your wife.

Alex: please, I'm drunk and cold. Plus this old lady scaring me.

Ashley: Damn, okay come in get some rest.

Alex: can we talk please?

Ashley: Wu's up?

Alex: It hurt?

Ashley: where? And it don't feel good to have your heart ripped out and stomp on like a roach do it? Cause that how you done me.

Alex: Ashley, I get it and I'm sorry. Can we start over as friends and see where it goes from there?

Ashely: I guess so good night.


Alex: Damn, what time is it? Who be calling me at 6:30am. Hello, who this?

Angelic: your wife and where you Slept last night?

Alex: At my sister.

Angelic: you need to check Mike, he said he doesn't remember where you was.

Alex: meet me at the lawyer office at 8Am.

Angelic: I love you

Alex: Bye.

At the lawyer office both parties signed devious paper.

Angelic: happy she not your daughter.  You took everything and only left me 70,000.00 cash to leave on.

Alex: Get a job or ask Adam too take care of you and his daughter.

 Part 3 Daddy Home

 Chapter 1 Got my Soulmate Back

 Alex: Damn, It's been four years of drama free. I gave up being WSC for my family.

Ashley: Hey, let's get ready to find out what I'm having.

Debbie: An Alien.

Mike: Lol, that a good one.

Samantha: Will you two hush up.

Bryan: Tell em baby 

Debbie: you two act do damn good food for my ass.

Together Alex and Ashley scream it's a girl.

Jr:  no girl.

AZ: no girl

Mike I agree with you. No girl nephews.


Alex get down on one knee ask Ashley to married him.

Alex: Ashley, we had our ups and downs.

Debbie: you two went through hell and back if you ask me 

Alex: And I can't be without you. You my love, not some knot on the belt. You my soulmate. You my rib I was missing. Will you married me?

Ashley: I don't know what say.

Debbie: Girl, say yes before he gets upset.

Samantha: she saying yes with head.

Debbie: will I want to here the words.

Ashley: yes.

Debbie: yes, daddy she married meet us at the court house in 5 mins. Before you change your mind.

Samantha: Debbie for real you just said that to him.

Debbie: Hell yeah, you know it's true.

Chapter 2 You Can't  See you won.

Angelic: hey Alex, where your woman at?

Alex: first off back the hell up. Second no touching. She not my woman she my wife.

Angelic: Same thing.

Alex: No, No a man wife is his soulmate. A man woman is another knot on his belt.

Angelic: come on, I know you want me.

Ashley: No, hoe I want you, babe here go put the groucries.

Alex: okay babe love you.

Angelic: it wasn't wat you think? We was just talking.

Ashley: Bitch, you only here cause Bryan your brother. So don't cross me. I know 16 ways of hiding a body out here.

Debbie: come on y'all let's go hunting.

Ashley: yeah, come on Angelic.

Angelic: naw y'all go a head with out me.

 Chapter 2 Your Ass History.

Adam: hey babe go wait in car.

Angelic: For what? It's hot out there.

Adam: just wait in car.

Ashley: yeah, hoe go to the car.

Adam: I'm sorry for trying to play you. And maybe if he doesn't work out with your husband. You know where I am at.

Ashley: I'm sorry what that? B.S. in the air. Get the fuck out my face. I know you and your hoe think y'all know me, but y'all don't. See I love to see niggas and bitch play. Cause I can snap my fingers and something happens. Good day.

Alex: Like my Getto love said good day. Before you get hurt. Damn why them two up to slick shit?

Ashley: Cause niggas like your as let shit pass.

Alex: come on babe stop being upset. You Won me over.

Chapter 3 Tru Love

 Everyone here for our family reunion. We have three topic to help people know about Tru Love Topic1: Where Did the two of yard meet.

Samantha: we meet on a Saturday afternoon running track. I slipped and hurt my ankle.

Bryan: I pick her up and walked her home 

Debbie: oh we meet at the club catching some people sneaking around on nice folks.

Adam: shit pass

Anglic: pass

Ashley: I was new in school and he pulled my pants down in pre-k Ms shaver class.

Alex: I remember that, but I also remember in high school locker neighbor.

 Anglic: I am about to throw- up next topic.

Topic 2: What was the Toughest time for y'all ?

Debbie: When he decided to spend all our money on some gay stripper called pink panties.

Mike: yeah, she wasn't letting me in the house. Burned all my clothes.

Samantha: when he let his ex- stay with us.

Bryan: yeah, she didn't cook, no sex, didn't look at me. Every word was whatever. Man I was in dog house for 2 days.

Samantha: Baby it was two weeks. Remember you call me her when she moved out.

Anglic: Shit when I got caught with his uncle.

Adam: yeah, that hurted. Especially when she almost left me for sleeping with phat Cookie her cousin.

Ashley: when he cut me off for 15 &% woman. And him being hurt by her.

Alex: when we was separated for 3 years. I just knew I lost her forever.

Topic 3 what is Tru Love? 

Anglic: money

Adam:money over everything.

Debbie: when you pull through all trouble and still stand together.

Mike: When you lost it all and the person still there holding on with you.

Samantha: where you feel like giving up. Your right arm keep pushing you.

Bryan: know you can't live without your partner. You pray more for them then yourself. Knowing God have made y'all whole.

Ashley: Finding Tru Love is hard when you looking. To give up I for us is amazing.you have to lose to win. Not ashamed to be yourself around the person. Don't hit anything for your partner.

Alex: yes you fight and argue but you love when it's all over. Got a go through something to get something. Can't give up, you got to learn and earned each other. Don't move to fast. That fast person not for you. Don't move too slow the one for you might pass you up. But if you wait for the one. The person would be perfect for you.

So the question is to stay or leave your marriage.

Ashley: I chose to stay with my husband.

Alex: I'm staying with my soulmate.

Debbie: not, just playing staying with my honey love.

Mike: I'm picking pretty pink panties. Naw just playing my little chocolate drop staying.

Samantha: I'm deciding there more drama then us staying.

Bryan: staying.

Anglic: I'm done

Adam: It's finish.

They received their marriage certificate. Anglic is living a single mom life her and Adam are dating again. Debbie and Mike are still married, but he in dog house for fucking pretty pink panties. Samantha and Bryan are together. He sleeping on couch, he went behind her back and gave his ex some money.

Ashely and Alex are living a wonderful life. And working on second marriage. 

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