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People tell me facts are facts. I say no. They are mutable and change in every moment with new information, revelation, discovery, and are always being reviewed with renewed versions re-written again in history. PLEASE TELL ME NO ONE READING THIS THINKS COLUMBUS ARRIVED ON THIS CONTINENT FIRST!!! IncreĆ­ble!

People tell me I'm childish. No. I am child-like, a quality one can possess and still carry on as any other adult. Most find it an endearing quality, frankly.

People tell me I'm selfish. Yes, I am; I have autism, hence AUTO-STIMULATION, and a term RARELY EXPANDED TO ITS TRUE MEANING (I wonder why?...TOO TRUE?...TOO SHOCKING RE: KIDS?). I do not wish to tune others out, but do, anyway. Simply speaking, I float in and out of concentration on uninteresting topics. However, give me one of profound interest, and I am ALL EARS.

People tell me I am over enthusiastic or manic. I say, when you have a great idea thought out, how can you sit on your hands without acting immediately? Great ideas are fleeting and timely. Holding one back is akin to stifling a sneeze.

People tell me I'm either too serious and deadpan or I am hysterically amusing. MAKE UP YOUR COLLECTIVE MINDS!

The first day of a high school Music Appreciation class told me all I should have learned for this Life. The teacher began with a comment, which I'll try to paraphrase. She said that she would teach us all the theory in our books, but warned us, too. She predicated it with this caveat. Everything she teaches us now may be ALL WRONG tomorrow! What? No immutable facts, even with notes that have been around thousands of years? Nope. She guaranteed nothing. Zip. Zilch. So...yes?!?! I DO have permission to change the "facts"!!! But, in those few, sage words, she gave me EVERYTHING I needed to know to create my own kind of template reality for Life.

 -- ZL

Thank you forever, Mrs. Ione Rasmussen!!!


  • Jan 03, 2019

  • Jan 03, 2019

  • Jan 03, 2019

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