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Nowadays majority of the governments are requesting the social media platform to use photodna of Microsoft in their social media networks to curb the criminals. 

Photodna is not photo recognition but little similar to that. Instead of social media helping out the government they are backing giving the excuse as infringement of law between countries.

I feel though it is law difference between the countries still when it comes to finding criminals why should social media networks make excuses instead can happily help government in this types of work. 

But they won't instead will put lots of restrictions on us users. It is like wearing a white collar and performing or helping all bad black activities. 

What happens if all the social media helps governments in solving criminal matters, is there any rule that social media shouldn't help law in doing it's work smoothly. 

By backing keeping the infringement of privacy as an excuse it cannot protect itself very long. There has to be some social responsibility even for social media, if they themselves won't cooperate and help government officials in curbing criminals then who would help them. 

This is definitely a serious matter. 


  • It actually can because of some of the amendments here in America that imply privacy. coincidentally social media is based here in America so infringing on privacy policy would also be breaking one of the amendments (If I find the will to do it I'll give which amendment it is if you care)

    Jan 03, 2019

  • Some social medias do, but this type of power can be easily misused for things such as blackmailing people, creating false evidence and reporting false information.

    Jan 03, 2019

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