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I wait for your turn and yet none comes by time keeps turning as i stand still waiting and watching for your return now i wonder if i shall ever see you again. Once the lock turned twelve i knew my Cinderella daydream was Gonna come to an end. Goodbye, the one u love as i still stand here waiting to lose all hopes in return. I guess it makes me a fool for waiting for a day that comes. Goodbye to one goodbye all tonight is when my shadow shall fall. Good night to the ones that cared, good night to the man that sits in the chair. As now the queen goes what makes of the king looking far but yet looking close wanting to know what has happened to his queen. Yet his feelings aren't real they just come to her mind wondering is this how he truly feels or is this just all upon her head. Now as she fades though the glass as he states from away looking down from there other maddien that will take his hand. Further further out of reach i still cry my head to sleep waiting for the day i will see you again hoping you will be mine once the day has end. I see you with her you may smile with glee but yet you stare me. Let me go to be free out of this pain a misery.

- H.K


  • Love the parakeet.

    Jan 03, 2019

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