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I’m an outsider, like the almighty one so many pray to when they are in need. 

Just a reminder, I’m no god. 

There are only horns painfully ripping through this skull that once held a halo, don’t you see? 

I’m an outsider, just not like the one whose words keep those praying. 

Just a reminder, I’m no devil. 

There once was a halo hovering over this cursed mind of mine, before I found comfort in the darkness, it just seemed to make more sense to me. 

I’m an outsider, just a complex individual others don’t have time to understand because they are stuck in the same game as me. 

I’m an outsider, living life how I believe I should be living because it is only temporary.

So, I’ll take whatever life has to throw at me because I have sailed much rougher seas and there is nothing that will stop this raging fire within me that drives me to succeed.  


Those Meaningful Words. 


  • Jan 02, 2019

  • Jan 02, 2019

  • Awesome, well done.

    Jan 03, 2019

  • another fantastic piece 💜

    Jan 03, 2019

  • Powerful 🦋🦋🦋

    Mar 24, 2019

  • Mar 23, 2019

  • Interesting piece

    Mar 23, 2019

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