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Hey so the update will be tomorrow.. 

Why you ask? 

Well I would love to update today since I'm already on the app and stuff but my dumb ass lost the story. You see I'm writing this story on paper as well..  I'm just putting it on this app for fun to get feedback. 

This is what happened...... 

I was putting all my stuff in boxes to move to my brothers room, I was moving there one because it was bigger and two he was moving out.  I'm almost  finished unpacking in my new room and now it's a mess I'm still putting stuff away throwing out stuff I don't need,  I threw out a Old binder that looks identical to the one I'm using now....  I really hope I didn't throw it out I should be done cleaning up tomorrow so if it's not there then I'm screwed..  Before you ask why don't you just cheek the one you didn't throw out?  I would love to to do that right hear and now but you see its at the bottom of a box under two other boxes that I have yet to unpack  so let's just hope it there.. 

Hope you all had a good Christmas and a good new year I know I'm a bit late but whatever. It's the thought that counts


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