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Chapter 1, Yume (Pov)

I watched as it rained outside. The pollution was terrible today. The sky was dark; if you went outside, you could see the murkiness of the fallen water.

I could not wait to go to the Dream Realm. Life was so boring outside of it. Class had nearly ended when I rushed out and left early.  

Many other students appeared to have the same idea, and they all left early as well--despite the teachers’ warnings.

“There was no respect for anyone anymore, so what is the point in arguing with your students?” A fellow classmate muttered under their breath.

Had I been in the Dream Realm, I probably would have slapped them square across the face, but with identity being top priority here, I might ruin my reputation.

I walked away quickly out towards the disgusting rain which I had come to love after seeing it for years on end.

In some countries, it didn't even rain anymore, so I felt lucky in that sense.

Taking the bus home, I listened to music on my phone trying to ignore the awkward stares of people who wanted to challenge anyone that dared question their appearance.

I stepped off and made my way to my apartment which was a mess as usual and fell asleep instantly.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a completely different place. Stars lined my ceiling, and my apartment seemed to be bigger do to my brain’s way of revising my situation.

In this world, I did not have school, work, or any engagements, so I spent my money in this world and had my free time.

Of course, there was bounty hunting and a few jobs I would take for fun, but most of the time, I would explore the realm.

Ever since humans gained this ability to travel between Reality and the Dream Realm, life has changed drastically.

My otherwise normal appearance had transformed into my strange idea of what I wanted to be.

My hair was bright red pink and my eyes had changed color to a brilliant lilac.

Of course my clothing had changed, along with my appearance, into a modern geisha style.

I sat up and walked to my front door stopping to wonder what the realm would look like today.

I smiled to myself and pushed the door open to reveal the beautiful Dream Realm.


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