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   Noah woke up realising it's 9:30. Noah quickly gets up and gets ready for school, she already knew she was late but maybe she could convince her teachers she was busy. Noah ran downstairs and grabbed a piece of cold toast her mom left out for her when she left for work.


   Noah missed the bus so she had to walk through the cold snow all the way to school wasting her about an hour and a half. Noah found her friends waiting by the front of the school, "Hey guys!" Noah yelled "Hey, where were you?" Jasmine asked "Oh, i accidentally slept in" Noah answered "Alright, let's head to class before the teachers start taking role" Catherine said. 

 Noah and her friends started running towards their classes, listening to all the teachers yelling at them for running in the halls, how stupid, Noah thought, they are late in the first place they should be aloud to run.

   Noah looks over noticing her friends already made it to their classes, Noahs class was all the way to the other side of the school. I'm gonna be late, she repeated to herself. Noah finally made it to her class thank God! She yelled, all the other students looking at her. Please take a seat miss Henderson, the teacher said.

   Noah sat down looking to the wall, she noticed a painting of a fox. That wasn't there the last time I was here, she looked back at the teacher then at the painting, the fox was gone! Off the painting onto the other painting behind Noah.

   Noah! The teacher yelled, Oh, yes Mrs. Smith! Noah answered startled. Can you answer my question? Mrs. Smith asked What question? Noah asked, all the kids laughing in the class.

   Noah ran outside the classroom looking at the other class, a different painting with that same fox. Noah closed her eyes and slowly opened them, seeing the fox trot over to the next painting.




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