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     This is something people obsess over far to much. Yes, everyone has flaws, and yes, we could all improve one way or another. But how much of you trying to change someone else actually going to change them.

      In Magic the Gathering you can only control two things, what you put in the deck and what you do with what you've got, nothing else. You can't control the other person, the cards you draw, or the situation. You can only control yourself. The same goes with life. Now you changing yourself can impact others either way, do better or worse. Before everyone can change the way you think they should, you should first. But then that new person wouldn't be you, and that wasn't the intended target for change.

       So just be you, and let them be them. If they see you walking around and they see themselves and say "I want to be better" then they will be better. You don't have to change other people to make your life and the world a better place. You just have to inspire them to be a better version of themselves by being the best you you can muster. So don t stress over how others think or feel, you're enough, you don't need them to think or act the same way.

    In case you're confused this is my not New Year's Resolution, to write something we'd like to change but can't or shouldn't. Enjoy


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