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Nothing ever goes right.

Love is supposed to be about building and acceptance of the flaws of the person you love. Yes it's about groeing together and change. BUT YOU DO NOT GET TO CHANGE A PERSON COMPLETELY TO FIT INTO YOUR LITTLE BOX. Why must one be subjected to having to be a completely different person if they themselves are working to be better. Why must they be rushed to make changes. YOU CANT FORCE SOMEONE TO CHANGE.

Is it so bad that certain things are a part of the person you fell in love with. But you're so much of a better person than me. And you're little life is so perfect. I guess my rough edges dont fit your picture of a perfect life.

Its ok. Ill spend all my time at work. And just stack a shit load of money to spend on myself. My habits and things i enjoy are becoming a problem for you now so ill go my own way because you dont know how to compromise on the current issues we're going thru. I truly feel like you dont care or you arent willing to make the effort to actually take the time out to work with me to be better. Its either your way or nothing. I think the fuck not. Ion care about my language ion care about nun of that other shit. You haven't shown me that same energy to make our family better an whole. Ion get why my change is such a problem. But ive been by your side thru every single up and down we've had. But you are willing to throw it all away because we dont see eye to eye on this one issue. Its sad really. But i get that your parents are pushing hard for you to get rid of me. But its ok. Ill give them exactly what you want and what they want. If im not good enough for you the way i am. Then i never will be. Im glad you decided to truly switch up on me. Thanks for that. Ill excuse myself out the way and just do for Amari. That is all. 

Im forced to accept your views and opinions but you could care less about mine.

Thanks for that.

So much for mutual respect. I guess i have to change every single detail of my life to fit you and what they want me to be. 😂😂😂😂 no I think not. If i have accepted you for the person you are and aspire to be why cant you do the same?? Why is the way i see things a problem. My opinion doesnt make me wrong just like yours doesnt make you right. But its okay. I understand. You're used to everything going your way. Well this wont. I will change what i want to change. To benifit me. And to get my life the way i want. I just wanted to build a family business and make some big shit happen. Ion really know why supporting my dreams and goals is such a problem. Id have your back if you had goals and dreams too. But you dont talk to me about shit anymore.  There's 0 communication. I tell you how something and you tell me to get over it. Im done talking to you about my feelings. Because you have shown me you dont care. And it hurt at first but now its like wow. Ok.


  • Jan 01, 2019

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