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A very strong and most asked question by utmost everyone who are curious in Satan. They just want to know whether he is a Saint or a ladies man. Everyone who doesn't know anything about him will say he is a devil and seduces utmost every women, as if he doesn't have any other work. 

1. Yes, it is true he is a womaniser but that word has lots of meaning. We humans also even after marriage and before marriage maintain lots of affairs, let it be male or female about utmost 85% of both ladies and guys have lots of affairs in their high schools and colleges and even it continues in workplace and will go on till we feel it is not wrong to have an affair until our desires get satisfied. 

2. What is the use of maintaining or building a strong iron wall in heart when one day or another it is to melt. Love is a natural phenomenon, you see someone, don't know what attracts you towards them and yes it many times ends in physical relationships. It is uncontrollable but you can't say it's a sin, it is the way you show yourself. You show how harder it is to suppress things which aren't in our control. You don't know why it happened but at least after that moment you would have felt complete and would have henceforth shun that desire. Just because you did it even after your marriage does that mean you are a male or female prostitute. 

3. No. It happened because of your harmonal influence and you are not that type of person but both of you at that time felt that it wasn't wrong and as per ALMIGHTY GOD'S creation a male and female colliding is common in all the creatures of the world. There is no time nor occasion, it is a feeling that occurs in one and he or she says it to the one they desire and if both agree they end up doing it or part away their relations, that's all. 

4. The same thing happens with LUCIFIER, he looks at a woman feels graced by her beauty and doesn't dream like us instead fulfills his desire and that too using that woman's lover or husband. So how can it be a sin when it is a love that blossomed between lovers or couples. It need to be noted that not only LUCIFIER even we males also try to propose only those girls who are blonde, beautiful and sexy, we don't even care of girls who are ugly, do we? 

5. Because we don't know whether the girl is good or bad all that it matters is if she is beautiful even we also internally would be planning how to love her first,, actually we guys are always like that only. Even the girls don't approach guys because he is good, they approach looking at his physical body(six packs males are nowadays girls trend) and next they look at his bank balance. One is for physical and another one for settlement and I guess if ladies have their routes then why should we guys lead a life of saints. Imagine a woman has married a guy due to his high pay salary or looking at his assets and tomorrow if he becomes bankrupt would that lady stay with him? I guess no. 

What I am trying to say is? Instead of saying that LUCIFIER is a womanise we should check ourselves. He is powerful and handsome and ever youth, if he loves a beautiful lady for a while what wrong has he done, for that why should he be treated has a criminal. I feel even we were in his place we would have done more than what he is doing and I feel if HE IS THE EMPEROR HE WILL GRADUALLY HAVE ACCESS TO UTMOST EVERYTHING ON THIS PLANET THEN WHICH SAINT OR WHO ON THIS EARTH HAVE THE STRENGTH TO STOP HIM. It has to be noted that only he has the authority to do that and he won't entertain others to do that. If found then his punishment would be severe and for this I will have to write second part of this page regarding his punishments for those who do it. 

To be continued........... 


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