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Hi I'm Helen anyway this is a real story 

let's begin. Oh my god I can't believe me and her were friends for 3 years 3 years of friendship and she just going to do me like that what did I ever do to?i..i.. REALLY HATE HER why was she so fake to me I guess this is the way of life. Honey wake up it is your first day of your new school MOM LET ME SLEEP 😴 and her mom throw water at her MOM go to school  ok fine wait what time is it it is 8:30am WHAT oh my god I'm so late gosh mom can you drive me off whatever just don't take forever I don't even have time to take forever anyway thinks mom sure honey ok I'm ready let's go mom why is this school so far honey at least is better than your old school yeah you are right anyway  thanks for dropping me off no problem honey have fun at your first day in school thanks mom love you love you too honey have fun at school thanks mom wow this is good school anyway I have to go to my class.why is everybody staring at me is there something on my face, anyway class we have a new student her name is Jane everybody say hi,hi sup hey hello anyway let's start class Jane can you go sit next to Kayla sure miss kayla this is Jane, Jane this is Kayla anyway Kayla can speak Arabic and I heard that you speak Arabic to is that true yes miss I speak Turkish too ohh that's cool anyway I gotta go do my think  you guys get to know each other ok miss think you


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    Helen Alkhamis

    ok I will work on it it might take a long time

    Jan 02, 2019

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  • Part 2

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