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Dancing in the winter wind the air is cold and yet somehow bright 
It feels renewed as if the sinned 
Have been forgiven of all that has ensued over the past years blights 
The kamikaze pilot has yet to crash 
The lone  gun man to  take his aim 
As if a call has been put out 
To love  one and other all the same 
The bombs are still dormant and collecting dust as they should 
The Angry adolescents have not set fire to their homes 
The wedding bells are tolling
As the bride is about to be wed   
And for once the groom is ready 
And has not spoiled the marriage bed 
A new day is finally dawning 
When the sun rises we shall turn to see
As we peer up from our sleep , yawning 
The new world that we we hope to see 
Seems a dream but  is truly a fantasy  
Born of listless hours alone and distraught 
But it doesn’t mean that in its essence
There is no lesson to be wrought 
I suppose it’s silly to expect man to  change 
Only a cataclysmic event could cause us to rearrange  
Perhaps it’s inevitable for us to start anew 
But if that’s what I believe inside and have truly given up 
I suppose it’s what I’m due 
However , in my  heart, I have not , and to each and every one of you ;
I wish you a year that is full of all of your dreams , made anew . 
And so just before the new year dawns 
In the middle of the night 
I wish you all the best 
And a happy precious moment as the new year welcomes light .


  • Jan 01, 2019

  • Jan 02, 2019

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