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After the outbreak, people who were left alone, looked for guidance. We were that guidance. Me and five others formed the city we call Antelope City, we were the Six Elites. We looked over the city, we built it up.

Antelope City was a high school at first. Wetook took the name Antelope from the school. Antelope High. The population mainly consisted of students. The elites were also students. We saw this coming; they wanted someone to rule, so we stepped up. Out of the Six Elites, there were two who were higher up on the scale. Super Elites. I was one of them, the other one is a close friend of mine; Victor. He was higher up on the scale than me, but he stayed secret.

Only five of the six were known publicly. We were the face of Antelope City, the symbol. We were the only civilization in this area until you met up with Center High. They called themselves Oak View Union.

Antelope City isn't just the high school. There are tennis courts, baseball fields, a playground, a swimming area next to the school. And we manage to add a whole apartment complex and a fee houses to the city. We're basically a miniature country.

We have levels. And then classes. Our classes consists of Super Elites, then Elites, then our military then and finally our regular day to day citizens. Our levels are arranged in specific ways:

Day to day citizen start at level 1 and their max is level 50.

Military personnel are from level 1 to their max level 150.

Elites level 1 to level 300.

Super Elites level 1 to level 550.

Youdon't need to remember that, just know we have classes and levels. It may seem stupid to you, but it keeps us safe and organize.

Antelope City is well known. We have outsiders, people who were on their own come and join us. We make sure their not carrying the virus that spread through out the world. We kill or kick anyone or thing that is a threat to our citizens. We protect them. Us elites have our own special ability that ties us and the city together and keep it safe.  We have farms, gyms, theaters, schools, and homes for everyone here. Enough food to survive. We protected by 200 plus special forces that patrol the walls of the city. Both in, out, on top and other the city. We take no chances in this new world of ours. We will kill anyone who is a threat. We will not hesitate. We will not show mercy to the enemies. If we must go to war with other civilizations out there, so be it! We are not going down without a fight. If we do, we're going down in the history books. We will live on!


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