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   What came first, was it the chicken or the egg? This is a question which has stumped people for centuries.  Many of which different people argue from both points of views, but there is an answer for both of them. Even if you're not a Christian believer, you must be willing to accept all of us was created at some point in time. You're probably wondering what I'm referring to, but I am referring to what we call God. God has many names throughout the ages, and many different lands. But what is God, and what is this creator? Asking the question what is the creator is the same as me asking what you are!? Ask yourself this question, what are you? It's natural to be stumped at this question come, because we are identify ourselves with many traits and beliefs. There's something more of though, but you have to be open-minded enough to see the bigger picture. The child of creation, origin was what began our world.

   Our Story begins in the void, we're only a few mysterious beings exist. We see a small boy sitting in the void all alone, with only energy surrounding him. He begins to play with the energy like a child playing with Legos, and over the centuries he doesn't age. He continues to play with the energy, building and creating a world. Thus the world appeared, creating 7 days. The boy was tired from creating, so on the final day after he was done he rested. On the next day he began to create more, and created people on the world. The ones we refer to the Mist Adam and Eve, but we do not know if there were others he created. There may have been, or someone else may have created others. It doesn't matter, because this was the beginning of mankind.

  So if you think about this carefully the Chicken and the Egg were first. It wasn't an or situation, because God or Origin as he is referred to was both of them. He was the beginning of our world, the egg and the creator of it, which is the chicken. Thus both had to come into being at the exact same moment. As humans, we are both a chicken and an egg as we have the power to create new life and we were new life.


  • Dec 31, 2018

  • Dec 31, 2018

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