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   Well another year has passed by and I will be celebrating my first year on Writer's Outlet. I started in January, but due to some of the changes, I couldn't find the exact day then I downloaded the app. I am very happy with my progress, and will continue doing so as I continue on. I was happy to know that Jared was happy with the changes, and he decided that he was going to keep the app running. Like I told Jared, a friend of mine whose family owns a small business told me did the first few years they owned that business oh, it was very hard on them. After the 3rd or 4th third or fourth year, it began to thrive and now they own a chain of stores in Venezuela. It is our duty to ensure that Jared's hard work and determination, was not for nothing. The possibility of us moving forward as a community, is an effort as an entire community.

   I am looking forward to the New Year, and have been ever since this year even started. I had seen clear signs, that this year would be difficult on me, but I have managed to make it through every challenge handed to me. Many of my own making. I look forward to reading more, and will be keeping up my promise to work on Jared's project in the upcoming month. I will not break that promise, and I will also be continuing working on my collection and trying to rewrite my stories as I have time. I wish you all the best of luck and a bountiful new year.


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    Dec 31, 2018

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  • Thank you Landon. Happy New Year.

    Jan 01, 2019

  • Jan 01, 2019

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