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Part 1: The Dating To win

 Chapter 1: The History

 Standing in line at Whataburger, Ashley notice a group of guys looking at her and her girls. One the guys looking good, but had a girlfriend setting by him. Would catch a glimpse every now and then. He look so good with his Carmel skinned tatted muscle built Sean Michael looking ass. Girl why you and Alex broke up when you was 18 year old anyways? Dabbie, cause I'm not going to be a bottom bitch. So he a pimp? No Samantha, he not a pimp, he was cheating on me with her that hoe Anglic Jackson. So now he got her and you want him back? Naw, don't go there. I want him to explain why he keep looking over her. I know let's go find a table. Oh, girl I found us one right by their table. Y'all make me sick. Lol, and talking to be seen by Alex and boys at table. Alex and Anglic get ready to leave and he told her baby go to the car. I'm going to talk business to Sean real fast. Okay love you. Yeah you too. He go back to the girls table, here 150.00 cash go spend it how you want on something nice. Meet at Park in 1 hour we need to talk. Girl let's go shopping.

 After she arrives back at her one bedroom back home. She got ready in 15 minutes. Walking up to the park for their talk.

Chapter 2: The Talk


 As she walk up in her skin tight shorts, blue tank top, blue size 3 1/2 shoes, blue and black micro Brad's.  Looking like a black Barbie doll. Hey wuz up? Damn, you fine. Yeah, I know so what the deal with your Saulja boy looking ass? I been missing you like crazy, Baby A is nothing like you. She a 15 compare to your 80. The more I hustle the more she spends. Then she have not a little respect for me. Please be my side chick and I promise you will not regret it. I give you the world. Side chick, and be dumb to believe that you never leave me and one day I be yours. Boy bye my mom didn't raise no fool. Okay find wifey number 2 and you know momma and granny love you. The whole family hate her even my friends hate her. I push her to wife number 1 cause married and got a child together. Uhm, so you married her huh? And got a baby girl by that hoe? Yeah, so what you have a 6 month old son by me. I want to be a family. The kids need to be around each other and I am in love with you. But I got love for her to. She my wife and we need to all be grown. Monday- Thursday my time with her. Friday- Saturday my time with you. Yeah, I like that. I get to play through the week days. She LoL. Hey don't hurt me now. Oh never that. 

Girl, did he as you back? Yeah to be his side chick cause of family and homies not liking her ass. Will what you said to him? I agree to it for our kids. Man fuck that shit I'm a weekend hoe. Hey I know this guy his girlfriend do him the same way. Maybe y'all  could date. Anglic is his ex pay back a bitch. I feel so bad for lil Ashley. Here we go, why you feel sad for me sister in-law? Cause Alex don't know how to treat ya.  Will guys I'm outto meet up with Paul me and Jr. Got a zoo day. Alex gonna kill your mon- Wensday ass nigga. Why mon- Wensday Ashley cause baby sister I need Thursday for me and Alex Robert Jr. Time alone. Now that crazy. A

See y'all later. 

Chapter 3 Caught With Side Nigga

 Pushing the stroller up the side walk to the Zoo,seening Paul bright ass coming to assume the man of the day hug. Hey sweetie how was your day? Oh, it was wonderful. Jr got his first bit of max and cheese. Was it good little man? Uhm baby let's change his diaper and leave the stroller. Okay sure. 

 Walking around pointing and making Animals noises and face for Jr. Jr fail asleep in Paul arms. Alex look who here at the Zoo?  Turning around and seeing  who she was talking about. Mouth dropped open. Bitch is with the enemy. She gonna pay for this one and he holding my son. Impress at how will he holding his aggressive vilant temper back from her annoying ass. She tried to provoke by leaning in and kissing Paul. Hey, little man daddy see you later.


 IAM deciding to drop baby momma as side chick. I have a flowless perfect ten wife who love me and cheated on her with a disgusting woman like Ashley. Dating a ESB member.  Overwhelmed with jealousy enrage anger calling up lawyer. He Ash for a child support agreement to be writing out legally. the agreement is she only get cash 300.00 a month nothing more.



 Sorry was putting Jr down for a nap, and what wrong with you she ask ass he walk in the house? And who the fuck is this? Determine and aggressively standing face to face with her  have a set. I am talking and you listen loud and clear. This my lawyer and he her with child support agreement paperwork for you to signed. DNA test will be giving at birth to see if child is mine. Upset and crying with shock she signed the paperwork that said for both child she get 650.00 cash a month. Relieved and reelaxing jaw from anger. Don't sound hurt now. Hearing the tenation in voice you foolish conivaning bitch, you ruefully betrayed my love for you. Walking out slamming door.

 Paul been staying with me for a month baby due in two months. Drained of fussing and arguing with him been very uncomfortable for me. Saying how it feels to leave that weak ass WSC boy and get with a ESB man who a real man. I never knew what that means. We talking on couch a night free of Jr. You know I am shamefully hurt you never told me about that nigga. Speaking confusing uncomfortable , I am sorry for the fifth time. Enrage smash a slap across right jaw. Bit chilly don't mock me, I will fuck you up and leave your ass for dead. Taking off running in bedroom ball up on bed on knees protecting stomach ass in air, saying please no stop. Laughing awkward hysterically loud, taking off belt bitch stop begging as he beat her until feeling she had enough then pulling his pants down and raping her. When finished bitch go clean your ass up. I'm out and we over.

 Hearing the door slammed shut. Running to lock it. Hearing phone ringing twice she answer it shacking. Hello,amaze to her his voice saying I'm tick-off and you decieved me. I should not have treated you that way. Open the door and grab the bag. I left you something bye.  She open the door and look down, a bag with 7,000 .00 cash. The note saying sorry on it. Picking up bag and hurrying shutting door back.

 She took a warm bath and got ready for the day.

 Arriving at her new 3 bedrooms/ 3&1/2 bathroom home. Having a new job at Debbie's housekeeping making 10hr. Was excited that DNA provided me to be right Alvin was Alex baby. I even pass lie detector. He gets to watch my kids while I'm at work for 8 hours seening him everyday make me feel safe. Even if our cversation are only about the kids and short.



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