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I’ve been writing for a few years. 

Before I started writing I lacked confidence. The situation I had with my biological father kept hurting me. I didn’t know how to control my emotions. 

My 7th grade teacher first introduced poems to me. The first one I wrote was terrible. I didn’t stop writing though. I found out that writing had somehow helped me control and understand my emotions. 

Writing has given me more confidence then what I had before. It’s made me less confused and stressed in everyday life. It’s helped me to better control my emotions. It helped me to better comprehend my emotions. 

    While being a famous author/poet would be a dream come true. When I first started writing, and even still now. Reading other poems and being able to read their words. It’s helped me tremendously. As a writer I want what I write to help someone else. To benefit someone like it benefits me. To help people know that they may not be the only person in their situation. Whenever someone asks me if there’s anything I’m proud of in my life. I want it to be my writings. I want it to be the positive effect it may have on someone. 

For me one word can change my entire attitude. I can go from happy to Sad in seconds. When I write I want the readers to be able to understand it, but get a message from it. Be able to take something from it, and not just be something they read, and forget shortly after. 

Whenever I have something happen in my life. Most of the time I don’t even think about what it is I’m writing. I just write and write until my brain says stop.


My family has always inspired me to write. Starting out with my writing I didn’t think I could make anything of it. I mean most of it never left my journals. My family started reading the things I wrote though. It even left some of them crying(mostly my Mom). Seeing them love my writing made me want to write more. So I continued writing and writing. I’d write stories and stories. I’d have my parents read them. I began joining writing communities(Mirakee being the first). I got one of my poems in an e-book for a different community. My family was ecstatic. They couldn’t believe it. My Mom especially keeps encouraging me to write more, and get better at it. 

My favorite part of writing isn’t particularly the writing process, but when people read it. Whether the reaction be good or bad. I like reading the comments or hearing from someone that what I wrote helped them. That it helped them get past something. It just makes me feel so happy. 

(I actually have writers block right now.) 


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