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Chapter 1

Meet Up

3:00 am

-The Ninja's Universe-

I rocked left and right in bed. What is this dream? It's not harmful, but yet it's not pleasant either. My body feel like it's on fire.

I snapped my eyes open, getting up. My breath hitched. What was that? As I hold a handful of my scarlet hair, I try to recall what I was dreaming about. This dream repeated through five days straight, there has to be a reason behind it.

I tell my friends about this, they don't really believe me. They say I was probably stressed and I might need an day off. I take they're advice, I took an day off and just read books all day. But when I went to bed that night.

I had the same dream again, just blank white space and a sound that almost made me scream. But this time was different. The sound was louder and in the middle of the white space was a big black dot.

I moved away from the dot and the sound was gone. I turn around towards the dot, then I heard a certain voice. I heard "Stop. Just stop already." It sounded like the voice was in pain. As much I didn't wanted to go back, I went toward the black dot. Despite it's deathly call a pond me.

I slowly realized the dot was bigger then it actually was. Heck! It was more like a blackhole then a dot. The sound was literally going to make my ears bleed. Then I saw something, no, someone on the otherside. I reached out, they grabbed my hand.

I then pulled out of the blackhole into my white. They was wearing a bright green jacket with two yellow lines, brown pants and an skeleton mask?

After pulling them out, the blackhole designated. I was still holding they're hand, even though they already let go.

I'd stare at them with my bright blue eyes. They stared back, but then they hold on to me again and dragged me closer to them. They then said "Thank you..."

They're voice sound like boy's around my age. I titled my head and said "Who are you?" He said nothing at start until, I don't really know how. But I had a feeling he was smirking under that mask. As he let me go but didn't he said "What do you think my name is?"

I was confused when he said this. But then I understood what he was planning, this was an guessing game. I love these type! As my face changed into a more cheerful mood. I listed some names and chose what names that sounded probable.




"Nah uh."






"Not even close."

"Ugh! Hermoso!" (Hermoso means handsome in Spanish)

"Gracias por el cumplido. Pero sigue siendo no." (Translate: Thank you for the compliment. But it's still no.)

"Come on!! Is it... Iontach?" (Remarkable in Irish)

"Uimh." (Meaning: no) 

"Cōngmíng!" (Clever in Chinese)

"Méiyǒu." (This means no)

"Kūru?" (This mean cool in Japanese)

"... Īe." (At this point I think you already know what he said: No)

"Damnit! I give up..."

"It's alright. You wouldn't got it anyway."

"What do you mean? Is your name that unique?"

"No, but it's not your normal day name either."

"What is it?"

"Before I tell you, I want guess your name."

I thought that was a bit weird, but I went along with it.

"Okay, Knock yourself out."


There was no way he could easily guess my name.

"It's Sora, isn't it?"


Well, I thought it he could guess so easily.

"It was the names you called out. Sure, some of them were in different languages. And to be honest, I thought you were Spanish. Until I saw the way how you dress. Are you some kind ninja or something?"

Yeah... he did put off some good pointers. But...

"How did you know my name was Sora though?"

He put out a low chuckle and said.

"Well that was simple... S is for Scarlet red, like you hair. O is for Optimism, like your optimism for guessing my name. R for Reliability, as you save me from that blackhole. And A for... Amazing, because I know this a dream. But never been this close with anyone in my life. But you know what. You should have a C in your name, C for clingy." He said as he pointed at my hand still holding on his. I let go and gently punched his shoulder laughing.

"I'd ask for your name, not for your flattery." We both started laughing.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you. My name is..." he paused for a second and the continued while in a low rich voice. "Bone Head... my name is Bone Head. Go ahead, laugh. No need hide that my name is re--" before he finished I'd started laughing my head.

"Bone Head... Bone Head! BONE HEAD!" I kept laughing to myself. Who on heaven or in hell calls they're child after a pun? It's so funny I can't help but laugh. He started laughing too for some reason.

"You know, you kinda have a cute laugh. Even when you snort." When he said that I cover my mouth trying to stop laughing. But then Bone Head removed my hands away. Through that whole dream, we talked about ourselves and what kind of world we each other live in. We played games, cracked some jokes and puns.

Then we both realize the empty space was gone. We were in the forest of death from the Chunin exams. However, there was no monsters or ninja trying to get us. It was quiet, peaceful even. And so we talked some more.

Every time I went to bed, I was excited. Just to see him again.


3:00 am

-The Murder's Universe-

Who is she? What was she? Or is she just figure of my imagination? These questions keep haunting me, over and over.

I tell Sora and she think we are parallel people of each other. It makes sense but that doesn't explains how we can meet each other through our dream.

"Hey Bones."

"Yeah. What is it?"

"Can we make a promise?"

"I thought you hated making promise as well as me."

"I still do, but hear me out. I want to promise you that I'll meet you, in real life. And in return you will meet me and my world. Promise?"

She then brings out her pinky finger. Seriously she really doing this?

"Sora... we're good friends but I--"

She cuts me off and yelled.


I sighed and hook my pinky finger with hers.

"I promise... Sora."

Her face lit up, but tears started pour down her face.

"Why are crying?"

"I should be saying that."

Sora says as wiped the tears falling down my mask. She was right, why am crying? Is because of watching Sora crying? As Sora wrapped her hands around me, more tears flowed.

"This promise is ours and ours alone. I can't wait to meet you in real life."

I looked down at her chuckling.

"I'll be waiting. So don't take to long. You hear me?"

She nodded her head as she bury her face in my chest.

I then wake up crying. My mom walks into my room, when she saw me she immediately was worrying. She steps back when she pointed at my hand.

I'd pulled out my hand of the blanket and saw... I was holding Sora's kunai she gave me in the dream. Or was it a dream? This is proof that she was real, and when we made promise. It can actually happen.

I then hold the kunai close to me, I slowly start to laugh. I lay on my bed, wiping my tears but they just don't stop. Once again I feel pain, but it's feels amazing.

"Sweetheart. Are you alright?" My mom said to me.

I get out of bed, I look at her with a smile on my face. Still holding the kunai close to me.

"To be honest, I never felt better in my life. And mom, you remember when I talk about having a dream about some ninja girl?"

She nodded.

"She's real. She not a dream, she is real! And I can't wait to meet her again, but face-to-face this time. I can't wait!" I then stabbed the kunai into the wooden pole of my bed. I ran to my mom and gave her a hug.

"Mom. I finally made a friend."


5:30 pm

-The Ninja's Universe-

Today is the day. I been practicing my teleportation powers and now I can finally create a portal to another world.

I test it the other day, it's still stable. But what's life, without risk. After all I need to thank Bone Head for the yellow jacket with two green lines.

6:00 pm

The portal is open. I walk through with all my gear and equipment. When I walk through I found myself in some kind of laboratory. I searched the room, this laboratory is pretty messy. I check the paper work left on the table. Good, it's looks like they're not experimenting on living beings. I keep checking around the room.

I found this floating heart in this container. It sounded sad. I touched the container and I see these memories, this heart... is a SOUL?!

"H-hey! S-stay way from that! W-what do think y-your d-doing?!" They screamed.

I turn my head and I saw a yellow dinosaur type of being. I see the name tag saying 'Alphys.' As in doctor Alphys? Like what Bone Head said? If so I really did made it. I want to jump up and down like crazy right now, but I can do that later.

"H-how did y-you even g-get in here?" She said again.

If I remember, Bone Head said she'll go crazy if I speak Japanese to her. There only one to find out.

"Kon'nichiwa, anata wa Alphys ishidesu ka?" (Translate: hello, are you doctor Alphys?)

"Wait... what did you say? Are you Japanese?" I nodded my head.

"Oh! Well then." She cleared her throat before speaking. "Anatahadare? Anata no shusshin-chi wa dochiradesu ka? Naze anata wa koko ni iru nodesu ka?" (Translate: Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here?)

My face was in amazement she wasn't haft bad, wonder why she learn it. Bone Head said it was this 'Anime?' Is the reason, well I don't know who they are but respect for them.

"HEY! ALPHYS! WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG?! IS THERE A PROBLEM!?" What the hell was that, and why are they yelling.

Then stomping through the doorway was some fish lady? She had blue skin, yellow eye, long red hair. She had eyepatch on her left eye, she also have very sharp teeth.

"U-undyne! D-don't scare me like t-that." Said Alphys. Wait... did she said Undyne? As in the Undyne that was the captain of the royal gard? The Undyne that Bone Head warned me about?!

I slowly grabbed out my katana, Alphys turns around and immediately panicked "Wait, wait! I mean--Undyne wa tomodachidesu! Kōgeki shinaide kudasai!" (Translate: Undyne is friend. Please  don't attack.)

I sighed and put my katana away. Alphys took a breath of relief, turn to Undyne and telling her. But in between there talking, an robot just crashed through the wall.

"Oooooooooo yessssssss~" when it said that it put chills down my spine.

"Mettaton!? Not you too." Alphys groaned out of annoyance. Mettaton: from I was told, I should be very hostile with this one. Any might step could be my last.

"You there!" Mettaton said pointing at me. They wrap their robotic arm over my shoulder and drag me closer to them. Guess it's too late to escape now, so I guess I'll listen what they want.

"Congratulations! There is an opening right now! If you come with me right, you wouldn't just be a singer! You'll be a star! Like yours truly! Tonight! No catch untied! So~ is it a deal?" I thought about for a moment. I always wanted to become a singer, so I said.

"Hai! I mean-- yes. Sounds fun, where do I sign?" Alphys looked at me shocked, I looked back with wink.

"Y-you y-you can speak English?!" Alphys stuttered.

"Never said I didn't." I giggled.

"Excellent! Well done darling~ just sign here!" Mettaton says as they gave me the pen and contract. I write my name down my name and as soon I did. Mettaton lifted me along with all my things away. I just laughed through all of it.

Mettaton got me dress up in this studio. I could hear the crowd outside. I was wearing a light blue dress with my red scarf strapped around my waist. A new hair cut and I was allowed to wear the jacket Bone Head gave me.

Mettaton said just sing before pushing into the stage. The lights were a bit much, but I was still confident to sing. If only I knew what I was singing about. Guess I'll wing it. Music started playing, it was some type of pop music.




"I once had dream, of floating through space~"

"Fearing. As I fade away!"

"Until I open my eyes and there I see~"

"You reaching for me!~ WAIT FOR ME!~ JUST WAIT FOR ME!~ please don't you leave, I'm begging on knees for You!~"


"Before we meant, my life meant so little. Before you change everything, my soul felt fragile. Don't you see, without you I can't breathe!~ please don't you leave, I'm begging on knees for You!~"


"I never was a person to regret what I done. I never was a person to forget what hurted me. I never was a person to forgive and forget. I never was a person who cared when someone was upset."

"Cause of you~ I thought nothing of my life. Cause of you~ I never thought I would fight for good till it you. Cause of you~ Cause of you~ Cause of you~"



"Wait for me~"

I hear a bunch of people screaming and cheering. When I see the crowd, it was ten times as big then before. Humans and monsters alike. I hold the microphone to me screaming "THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL! THE NAME IS SORA GEMINI! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SHOW!" I throw the microphone away and jump into the crowd. I felt I was swimming in water.

Afterwards Mettaton said how I did so great out there. They said I was always welcome to join again anytime, which I happily took the offer. I got to sleep in silk bedsheets and pillows filled with feathers. As I slept, I'd dream about Bone Head again. Can't wait to see the look on his face.


6:00 am

-Bone Head's Point Of View-

I had a late night. Damnit Mettaton and your concerts. I had a dream about Sora last night, it was weird though. She was acting a lot more giggly then usual.

Oh well, who cares? I'm way too tired for this. As I tumble down the stairs to the kitchen, I create breakfast. Just typical cereal today, even I wish for pancakes and coffee. But that only happens on special days or when mom is in any cooking mood.

Before I pour my cereal into my mouth because I'm too lazy to get a bowel. There was a knock at the door, probably some guy who want to sell some cheap products. I groaned and lazily dragged myself to the front door.

"What every selling we don't want it. Unless you have something to cut out Mettaton loud music." There was no reply just a knock, maybe it's Alphys. No, there is no way even she would wake up this early.

"Who's there?"


Orange? A fruit farmer maybe? Why does their voice sounds familiar.

"Orange who?"

As I open the door, the suns light blinded me. I can't see who they are, but making out from the shape. They're are human. And I can see they are wear something red around their neck, a scarf maybe? They then spoke again.

"Orange you glad to me?" There voice was now so clear, but it couldn't be. I then looked up to their face and saw... Scarlet red hair, bright blue eyes and a cheerful, friendly smile.

Was this a dream? It has to be, right? How in the world would she manage to it? I can't believe my eyes. My eyes were wide open, my mouth dropped. I was in complete shock.

"Sora? Is that really you?"

"No! I'm her twin cousin! What do think you idiot?" She laughed at same time playfully punch my shoulder.

"Oh my God! Your actually here! How?! Why?! When?!" She raise her hand cutting me off.

"I been researching about teleportation techniques and I'd used those techniques to get here.

When. I got here just last night, I was planning to meet you there but stuff kept happening. I actually got to be singer pop star, it was amazing you should've been there. 

And now as for why. What else, we made promise and I planning to keep that promise alive. And I did!"

"I still can't believe it..."

"Yeah I know. But it's no reason to cry about." She says pointing at my falling tears.

"Shut up! Your crying too!" I said quickly trying to wipe my tears away, but failed.

"I know!" She sobbed and gave me a huge hug. I immediately hugged back.

Afterwards I invited her in. For once I am actually going to make pancakes, now I have a reason too.

"Can I help?" Sora asked.

"You can cook?" I questioned back.

"Sweets not so much. But I make a great omelet, rice or egg."

"How about both."

"Never tried."

"Want to try now?"

"Can we?"

"The rice is in the lower cabinet to the right."

"We are going make history in the making here." After Sora said that we cooked like crazy.

7:05 am

-Sora's Point Of View-

After making our beautiful meal together. Bone Head suggested that to save haft of it for his parents. Which gladly supported, they would love it I just know it.

When I ate some pancakes, my mouth wouldn't stop complimenting Bone Head's cooking. Same for him when he ate the omelet.

We then heard foot steps from up stairs. I instantly clearn myself up and the table, ran back on my seat.

"Relax, it's my mom. She won't harm." Bone Head said with a reassuring tone in his voice.

As turn around waiting for his mom come from upstairs. That when I swearing I heard a voice of an angel.

"Bone Head~ Are you up? You want me to make breakfast?" She had tanned skin, brown hair bobbed. She wore a white nightgown. Then realized she's not an angel... SHE'S AN ABSOLUTE GODDESS!

"That, is your mother?" I said to Bone Head while pointing at his goddess mom.

"Sure is." He replied. I turn back to him and said to him.

"YOU SON OF A GUN! How a guy like you got so blessed like this?" When I said that he huffed, bet he was smirking.

"Have no idea really. All I do know, everytime I come back home that I'm in heaven, babe. Thanks the lord and all their glory!" As he said that, his mom got to the table. She then tapped me on the shoulder.

"And who you, child? Are you Bone Head's friend?" She said kindly. Oh my goodness, I think I'm going to melt like butter.

"Yeah mom, she is. She's the girl I was telling about. The one who gave me the kunai." Bone Head mom's face turn into a surprise look. I don't blame her, after all. Me and Bone Head only knew each other by our dreams.

"This is Sora? This is girl you told me and your father about?" She says still shock pointing at me. Before Bone  Head could reply I jumped in. I stood up on my chair towards her bringing out my hand.

"Yes I am! Sora Gemini it's very nice to meet'ch ya'." I say full of enthusiasm. She was once again surprised and then started to cry.

"Huh? What happened? Did I said something wrong? Are you okay?--" while I was panicking, I was cut off by Bone Head's mom when she hugged me.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry for not believing that you exist. I know I don't deserve it but please forgive me Sora." She sobbed, I turn my look to Bone Head telling him what should do. He sighed and said to his mom.

"Mom! Can you let my friend go? Your making Sora uncomfortable." Damnit you idiot! You didn't need to say that. But she let go and wipe away her tears. She cleared her throat and say.

"I'm sorry, again. I'm just so happy the my little Bones has a friend. Thank you." Oooh, now I understand, that's why she was crying. Bone Head never had a friend besides me, wow he sounds lonely. Luckily he has me now, cause I'm his friend. Huh. In a weird way, I kind of feel honoured.

"Mooooom~ Can you stop? Your embarrassing me in front of my only friend... Wow, I just realized how lonely that made me sound." You think. Anyways, Him and his mom started talking to each other. Most of it was Bone Head's mom babying him, it's cute and funny. I love his mother, I wonder what the rest of this family like.


7:56 am

-Bone Head's Point Of View-

After me and mom stopped talking, I glared at Sora, and she know's it. Because she has a huge smirk on her face.

Then I heard light foot steps racing down the stairs. Oh great, their awake. This is the main reason why I wake up early in the morning, because these little gremlins devour the food before I can even take a bite!

"Morning! Morning! Morning! Morning! Morning! Mornin'!!!" That's right people. There is not one or two not even three, but... six annoyances. These brats are the reason why this place can be hell. Every was just fine before they came around, everything was peaceful. Why can't we go back to those days? Oh well, as devilish as they can be I'm still they're older brother.

On the plus side they listen to me, while they give mom and dad a tough time. They are different each one of them. That, and they're cute. So cute that they get given candy by everyone, but I'm not jealous because they always share their chocolate candy with me. They may be annoyances, but gotta love them.

"Big brother, who is this person?"

"Is she that girl?"

"What girl?"

"Yeah she must be, just look at her pretty red hair and dazzling blue eyes."

"Can she fight?"

"Of course she can yah dummy. She is a ninja and anybody notice her cool sword she have there."

"It's a katana."

"Whatever. Say, Can we have a peek at it?"

Sora grabbed her sword and then pulled it out so they can see.

"Oooooooooo~" the way they looked at it was funny and yet scary at the same time.

She then closed it up and put it away. They're faces lit up, and here we go with their blabbering, starting with a;


"So cool!"

"What is it like being a ninja?"

"Can I have your sword?!"

"Can you even use ya' sword?"

"Are you big brother's girlfriend?"


What the heck?! Out of any questions you could've asked, why that one. What that actual hell Perry!

"No, I'm not his 'girlfriend'."

"Thank you." I sighed of relief.

Yes thank you, at Sora gets the full picture. If they start to think that way, oh God I have no idea what will they do.

"But we did first meet in a dream, so can call me..."

Sora, what are you doing?! Don't say it! For all that is holy, please don't finish that sentence.

"The girl of his dreams~☆" Sora said while also doing the finger gun action. They looked inspired by this.

"Your not helping at all!" I yelled, slamming my hands on the table.






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