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I woken up in a dream I still sleeping.

Look around I hear horrid music  on the recorder.

I slap my head, I think I am still down in my bed.

I say wake up,it still 2018.

Did I see myself in my stiff pjs and catch all the zzzzs anyways?

I checked every inch of me,I was on my feet.

I walked foward and happen to run into crazy freaks.


Skinny,fat crazy people

Loud,insane running their mouth

I hid my body under a square table. 

I hope that their red eyes do not spy me.

Why me?!

Wake up, I say quietly. 

Breathe coarsely 

My mind cannot think. 

'That Right!"it shut off as I fallen slumber.

I tucked away like meat under coil. 

They continue together as quad.

Dancing spangled as the person on drugs.

I passed out on the space far from theirs.

My nerves is scared.

Their corny voice became weriod be closed. 

I screamed out of coma.

I Am wake.

Tears run down my face.

Wondering why I had this scene misogyny?

It could be fears out for me.

Do the year tend to monopolize lives?

I have to be set free.


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