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What is friendship Is it someone to talk to or is it someone that's in a group of friends is it someone you can text the middle of the night what is it is it a girl that's really nice to you will you mean I'm being able to see friendship but you know when it's there you know when someone is so close to you it's like they're your sister that is friendship friendship is being able to tell someone something about you and not worrying what people say about you cuz you know that they won't care cuz you are still the same you it is someone that will listen to you complain and complain someone that you can run to and cry on their shoulder anytime cuz you know they're always there and you know that they'll do the same to them friendship is beautiful friendship can make you giggle and laugh friendship can give you a sister friendship can grow a different paste it can grow stronger really fast or grow slowly together but there's also those sad times one of fortunately friendships grow apart and then suddenly friendship disappears now there are bad friendships out there it's not something you want to hear about I know it's not something you wish to know about or we wish wasn't here because losing a best friend is just as bad as breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend but it can be worse more painful because this person was like your sister was like your family and one point and then all the sudden they're done with you they up and leave in sometimes that's not why friendships drift apart maybes people growing apart or they just don't hang out as much or the find new people but sometimes it's because they find new people on the other person says you can't hang out with that person or their rude but you want to hang out with that person and I was lucky one of these times I'm and I was lucky I have a best friend that's like my sister we Giggle and we laugh and we send notes to each other you really are like sisters and in just two months for so close we're closer than a friend that I've been friends with for 5 years but I'll get back to that friend we've grown together a lot and our friendship is strong we get in fights but 30 minutes later were laughing together again that's how you know it's a good friendship when they both of you go up and apologize to each other at the same exact time or you can know how the other person feels and thinks like you can finish each other's sentences pretty much cuz you guys are so close sometimes I listen to love songs and no it's not weird but you think that's me and my best friend were really close we're closer than the song can describe and no one will understand what that feels like to be that close with someone until you have it until you experience it cuz it's really kind of weird cuz like during winter break and you guys can't see each other it just seems like the longest break ever and not in a good way it seemed time to go to sleep in and enjoy it but the same time you're missing your best friend the person that makes you laugh and smile all the time and giggle no matter what your mood was remember that friend does nursing E before yeah well in front of heart and I don't think it's for the best. Not the best reason it is for the best we're not friends anymore but it's hard to say you want to be friends with your best friend it with your sister but the thing is sometimes you do have to be the one that walks out of someone's life sometimes you have to be the one that just walks away and they might think that you're the a****** but sometimes you just got to do stuff and sometimes you do have to be the one walking out of someone's life if you think it's best for you if you think it's the right thing to do the right time do you have to you no matter how much you may crush you and you know our situation is where friends growing apart from you but you just keep trying eventually you just have to stop and let them go cuz if they want to walk away that's on then not you they must think it's the best thing for them and I know it's hard to let someone go and I'm dealing with that right now so I can't tell you how to get over it I just know you have to somehow because life will go on with or without you and the universe if it wanted you guys to be friends you guys would still be friends if universe is funny because life will go on with or without you and the universe if it wanted you guys to be friends you guys would still be friends if the universe wanted you guys to be it's funny how you think you lost the best friend you ever had but a new one comes along they may actually be the best friend you've ever had and when you know that person is the best friend you ever had don't don't let them go no matter what fight you guys get into you can't let that person go because soul mates aren't just for love there's a soulmate for your best friend the one that will stick by you tell the day tell the day you die my question the title is what is friendship friendship is someone that will always understand you friendship is where you guys can put your arms around each other and walk silly a friendship is one you will take the blame for someone friendship is one you're far apart from them you can't bear it's cuz you miss them you miss their life and their jokes than may not even be funny but they're hilarious to you friendship is your inside jokes or it's the bond you guys have or it's how safe you feel around them like you could tell them anything friendship you may not be able to see it but when you feel it when you find someone that you do all this stuff with that's friendship that's the definition of the one at a 10% of what friendship is so what's your definition of friendship


  • Someone who is accepting and trusting. Someone you can rely on no matter what

    Dec 30, 2018

  • Someone who understands your flaws and does not judge them. Someone who makes you laugh and continues to do so through dark times. Someone full of compassion and effort to care for you.

    Dec 31, 2018

  • k

    Feb 05, 2019

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