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Okay so I'm not trying to be rude I know teachers teachers a lot and they have a very important job but the thing is is they're not doing their job very well yeah they teaches math science and history but they're not teaching us lessons that will need but not string of stuff that will use forever the greatest lessons a teacher can ever teach is not buy a book it's from the lessons they had in their life I think that's the most important job of a teacher should not just to be to teach their kids but to leave an impact on them to give them a lesson that they will carry with them through their life and passed down to give them something to always remember one of these many lessons I was taught was by my favorite teacher he did not like to teach from the book but he talked by how he knew his students needed it when Donald Trump was elected president he set us down when he could be teaching his math or history or science but he didn't she knew we all were scared in some way or we needed our voices to be heard he made us feel like our voices mad at him what we said impacted what happened he set us down and asked us how we felt about it we asked questions he let us talk about it for an hour or how long it was I never really noticed most of us spoke about how we were scared her how we didn't want our family to be deported or how we hope our friends were going to have to leave the country or have to go into foster care because their parents are from Mexico or how will your teaching a math lesson that was never from the book but he would sit down and he would take 20 minutes just to answer one question and one day a kid was being ignorant saying why are you not a good teacher or why don't you just keep teaching and explain it to them why do you take so long his response was because that won't do anyone good I explained it to this one because this one to grow up and build a rocket ship to go to Mars but if I never stopped to answer the question and help them understand it they will never be able to get to Mars she taught us important lessons that we're never from a math book because he knew those lessons would only help us so far in life he taught us lessons of how to forgive or lessons of house sometimes you have to put someone in before you before your needs he taught us a lesson to not be greedy because money does not bring happiness it can buy you things that make you happy but eventually those things won't make you happy anymore that love is never gone it's just hiding it's playing hide and seek and you have to go find it Fred the same times there are teachers that just teaches math in science and don't focus on what else we will need for other life lessons may help us along the way and I'm not saying that's a bad we do need math and science and history we do need to know the stuff but there's so many other stuff we also need to know we need to know our voices will be heard we need to know that we can always go talk to someone when we feel something's wrong we do need to know that if we need the help we can go talk to our teacher we need to know so many life lessons that are teachers have opportunities to teachers but it's up to them to teach them another teacher gave us the scenario of your friend wants to go swimming in a river but the river has a big giant logs that can kill you will you follow your friend and take the risk or will you stink better until then that's not a good idea or if your friend says let's go jump off a cliff will you follow them is it good to trust and follow your friends and Trust in them but sometimes when they make their own decision you have to realize you can't follow them if it is not what you believe in you don't have to listen or understand you don't have to believe in what they believe in or do what they do but sometimes you do have to say you don't need to jump off that cliff sometimes you need to say let's go swimming in a swimming pool not a river it's okay if they go and leave you and not be your friend anymore cuz that just shows you who they really are if they were truly your friend they would listen to what you say in the advice they give you teachers here's a message to you great lessons don't just come from the books you teach us from the lessons of life that you have so many opportunities to teach us about


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