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Me and my brother  found 2 baby birds that had fell out of there nest. I got one and jack my brother got one .after  about a week jacks one died but he said that my one was his. I told mum but she said that I could get a buggie or some other birds. We looked for about a week to 2 weeks before we found some Indian ring necks. They where a breeding couple they had been together there whole life.she said that we would get them on that Saturday.we where all ready going up to get stuff for our batch in Auckland.when we got to the mans house he wasn't there so mum called him . He said that he was just coming up from the back. Mum saw a Indian dangaly thing in his car . mum got the box out of the back set of our ute . we shared for a long time . finaly he opens the door. He said that I looked beautiful (that proboly because I have brownish legs and he's Indian)

He opens his garage door and there they were. Bright yellow bird which was the boy because he had a red ring around his neck .the was a bluey color.

They where so cute . they aren't tamed so they corerd them I there cage. There cage was tiny  there tales where curled up . they where chirping very loud we put them in the box and left . we still had to pick up the bath and the other things after we did that we went and got KFC we where the only white people there . there where all islanders

there. When we went out we saw a people with ice  cream . mum went and looked where the ice cream shop was it was right around the corner we went and got some .we went to animals to get bird feeders and tots it was 25% off.we got 2 little container thing purple and brown. we also got cuddle fish, fruit bar also spear block a big thing with 3D shapes on it .we also got a plastic thing but mum said that try would eat it so we gave it to jack for his birds . when we got home we moved my 2 meter tall aviary for them.I put every thing in and we put the birds in. They loved flying around we gave them fresh fruit and i went in there cage and sat down.I named the girl violet and the boy Buddie. I sit in there cage for about a hour -2 hours every day they are getting friendlier every day a speshly Buddie. When they have baby I'm found to pick a boy and a girl and sale violet and Buddie and the other ones and keep the two that I liked.  I carve there names into the wood so I remember all of them. It will keep going an till I stop breeding


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