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The sun gleamed like Fireflies in a jar, My eyes met jax’s eyes. And suddenly nothing in the world matter. It was just me and jax, he smirked with his brown curly hair glisten with the sun. his golden eyes and my blue eyes could not leave each other. It was like the puzzle of my life was complete. That was when i made my move and i pressed my lips against his, fire lit in my soul. “not a bad kiss” Jax said as he smirked “my first kiss got to make it count” i said smirking. It was like everything just turned warm and happy. You probably thought i was a girl back there, well nope i am actually a guy. Ollie at your service, Yep i am gay and i have no problem with it, Neither does jax. Jax is my boyfriend and let me tell you. That i wanna scream so loud i am so excited! It's a good thing that nobody knows but us. Me and jax are seniors in high school. So many people there can be so homophobic. We don’t need bullys tracking us down for being who we are! Especially our parents, my mom is homophobic and jax’s dad is homophobic, it's good that we have one parent to support us. But today is even more nerve wracking for us, why? i am gonna introduce Jax to my mom and Jax will introduce me to his dad. First i need to get through school. People call me gay because i have pink highlights. For one that does not make somebody gay. Now let me tell you about jax, He is wonderful. We are completely opposite yet we click, he is a strong and a jock and he spends his time at the gym and playing sports, i spend my time on the couch eating chips and watching my anime! yep i am a big couch potato. when netflix was born i freaked and spend all my time on it. Now i am all ready i just need to tie my shoes and get in my car. Should i drive by jax’s house or? you Already know i was going to drive near his house, I mean come on! When i walk to the door to go into the driveway i am stopped by my parents “honey we need to talk” my mom says “about what?” i ask “honey your not-” my dad starts to say but is cut off by mom “Who is jax!?” she yells ignoring the fact that dad was talking “none of your business!” i yell walking out into the driveway “Ollie you get back here this instant“ My mom says as i get in my car “there is nothing to talk about” i say closing my car door and starting it. When i start to pull out of the driveway the thought came to me “where was my phone this morning?” i ask myself, Yep they swarmed through my texts with jax. Nobody had time for this so i just drove to Jax’s house. and standing in front of the door guess who! jax’s dad! he storms to my car and knocks on the window and points down with his finger. The minute the window was fully open he start yelling and saying anti gay phrases “Dude!” i yell “Why the hell are you dating my son! he is not gay! he is straight and you should be to!” he shouts “I am straight!” i yell defending myself “you need to stay the hell away from my son!” he yells walking into his house. Steam was about to burst out of my ears! In anger i drove to school and did not talk to anyone. When i got to my locker and i opened it i was shocked on what was in it. somebody had wrote Fag in my locker with spray paint! Now i don’t mean to sound angry but, My locker was just vandalized! i was so pissed! Jax saw me in my fit and he walked over “you good?” he asks “pretty sure this morning is cursed! you dad told me to stay away from you! pretty sure my parents saw the texts i sent you! and somebody spray painted my locker! Best morning ever!” i say “maybe i can help?” Jax asks “meat me at lunch, i need to talk to you” i say closing my locker “i won’t miss” jax says as i run to my chemistry class, When i sit down next to the worst person in the world, Isaac was my desk body and boy did i hate him! Everyday this guy and something to throw at me, For example he would always call me dumb and a lousy writer. And before you tell me that i am just seeing it wrong you're dead wrong. Isaac opens his mouth more than he does with his brain, “so where's your boyfriend” Isaac says trying to piss me off “will you stop calling me gay for once in your life!” i tell him not realizing how loud i was and the teacher overheard “Naldo Lambo! See me after class” he yells looking at me from the whiteboard . Isaac looked at me with his stupid smug face as he does when he gets through me, when is some acid when you need it! The class was normal for most of it, Isaac was using his stupid mouth to try and put me down, Jenny Cortess wasn’t even paying attention, Ruden Blazier was the only one paying attention, Manny Len was eating his asian food like always. The minute the bell rang i tried to run out that's when i realized i was supposed to stay with Mr. Wilkerson cause of you know who. The minute i took a step out of the door i tried to stop but i slipped and fell. Of course Isaac saw, and now it is imprinted in his mind and he will use it against me whenever he gets the chance. For me i don't really care at this point. And the teacher thought i tried to skip so he give me detention. “If you need me to take care of isaac i will” Mr. Wilkerson said “no Isaac is just breeze trying to be a tornado” Dang i should start poetry! “Well if it gets to bad let me know” he says “thank you Mr. Wilkerson” i say walking out the door. Jax saw i wasn’t having the best morning in the world and the cute jax tried to cheer me up “not the best morning” Jax says “you guessed it” i say sitting on a bench “maybe i could make it better” he asks “how?” “dinner tonight maybe” he says shooting a shock bomb at me “yes or no?” he asks “Obviously!” i yell, and Guess what! Isaac heard me and jax, Jax talks to loud! Okay maybe it was me. Isaac gives me his smug face “i knew the rumors where to true, jax and naldo! I would love to tell everyone” he says sounding just right for me to punch him in his smug face “Leave us alone Isaac” i tell him “make me!” he yells “well according to your reputation everyone knows your a liar, and without proof who will believe you” Jax says, That's why i love him  “” he stammers “and bye” we both say walking away, now that felt good. “we still on for dinner?” i ask “of course, isaac thinks he's the boss of everyone, but not the boss of our relationship” jax answers. we walk to our only class together (or by that where we met) and that was Gym, my least favorite subject in school. Jax loves it as i said he is a jock, and remember what i said about me, exactly why i hate Gym. “let's start with our warm up, run 3 laps around the field” he says. Jax walks outside with me to the field, Isaac is keeping a close eye on us so he can point out that we are a couple with proof. This kid will not give up! We start running and i am already sweating like a waterfall. Jax helped me run get our laps (by that i mean he carried me, okay he didn’t but i wanted you to have a good laugh) Jax’s friends looked at us in disgust “Jax come over here!” they yell. Jax walks over to them and they talk but i can’t here. but i could hear one thing “Don’t be gay!”. Remember when i said i am lazy, well i couldn’t help myself, with rage and anger i stomp to them and punch the leader right in the face. they all look at me in shock “since when is being gay a bad thing!” i yell figuring what i just did “your going to hell!” one guy says in the group “Unless you want to end up in jail. or expelled i would not try to beat me up” i say, When was i so badass! they storm off as the jerks they are “you know you basically came out to them” he says walking to me “i know, but it is worth it. Because you apparently can’t take care of yourself” i say as we both laugh. Isaac saw what happened and he knew exactly what to do, we really didn’t care at this point so we continued gym like nothing happened. We finished school with nothing to worry about, but when we got home. Mom stomped to me and pulled me into the kitchen and threw me onto the couch “Why the hell are people saying your gay!?” she yells “what!?” i yell, oh shit. Isaac owns a website to tell everyone the latest gossip “what do you mean?” well i am so innocent! She shows me the website as it is saying me and jax are gay “i don’t know!” i yell “i have to many enemies in my life! Don’t be one! I am leaving!” i yell walking towards the door “we will not live with the guilt of having a gay son!” she yells “you will have the guilt of losing your only son” i say walking out the door and getting in my car, okay a few tears fell, okay maybe i cried like a waterfall! The only place i could go was jax’s and that is exactly what i did. My phone was dinging and dinging from texts from mom, when i got there jax opened the door “hey…” i say “what happened?” he asks “nothing much just that my mom found out i was gay and kicked me out!” i yell, he sighs and tells me to wait there. And play the jeopardy music, the suspense was killing me! I was getting more and more impatient, after what felt like a day jax comes out with a suitcase “come on” he says “what? What about your parents” i ask “lets go” he says walking to my car and i follow, when we get in the car he looks at me and holds my hand and says “let's go somewhere we can be ourselves” and witch buzzed me up. I pull out of his driveway and start driving to a apartment building, when we get out he looks at me and gives me his cute smile and we walk in “how long are you guys staying here” the women at the desk asks “we are thinking of living here” jax says before i can even say a word “fill in this” she hands me a clipboard with a paperwork for me and jax to when we sit down i ask him “live here!? We can’t afford their rent” i say “i planned this all out Naldo, my cousin in ohio is gonna pay our first few rents” he says trying to calm me down “what if can’t!” i yell as the receptionist sushes me “don’t worry i will get a job” he says as he signs the paper, he took it up and he sat back down, not gonna lie I don’t really like this idea. The receptionist looked at as a “your room is B24” she says handing us a key, we walk up and walk in and the place is empty, Jax kisses me on the cheek and says “we will make it work” he says, he sets his suitcase next to the door and walks into the other room, luckily they gave us a bed And thank you for giving us only one! “Did you bring any food?” I ask “no” he answers “damn. I will go to the store, I need me instant noodles” I say as he laughs, it was a warm day and most people where out going to work or doing whatever, there where 3 guys standing in front of my car and they looked like they were waiting for something and being the snoopy little crap i am i walked up to them and asked them to move, “who was that guy you where with?!” one guy yells “where you watching me!” i yell “i asked you something! I would answer it!” the guy yells “i rather keep that secret” i say heading to into my car, they look raged and mean, i just drive away to the store. I got some food and then came home, “you better have some for me” jax says running into the room as he heard the door open, “i thought jocks needed to eat healthy to stay fit” i say “oh you know that could never true!” he says taking the other bag from my hands, we hear cracking noises that a close and i look behind me and my heart bursts out of my chest, there are eggs being thrown at our window! Me and jax run to the window and see that people are holding signs saying “god hates gays” and “marriage is for men and women!”


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