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In the dark and in the face, I faced most reality of all.

At times, I am not easily comprehend mentally.

Neither strangers and interest have me with my personality. 

Even after I lead honest work to be acknowledge, 

I Am paid none as the time cometh.

Stand alone once again

Why bothered others a chance?

When I receive none of the time,it was no fun.

Destroy me out of the run.

I waited to be chosen. 

No one is there. 

Fears have me worried. 

Lifetime spent and wasted on wandering losrs.

I was one, I loss self into destruction. 

I Am loss.

It is God that found me.

It is me who love endlessly.

The world that become our enemy. 

Only to be part of desperate ,long fight. 

I will not yield. 

Fears going to froze over this reign.

My pain way to long term. 

I'm only inch away of 30.

Yet happiness don't fall from the tree. 

I be here all seasons. 


  • Dec 30, 2018

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